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Hints for coding learners and coders.
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OpenAI Study Buddy is a Chrome extension designed to assist users in their coding journey by using modern AI technology to offer coding hints. The tool is straightforward to use and offers a prompt by highlighting the code and pressing Ctrl+Shift+1.

The latest update on April 25, 2023, has boosted the tool's performance by using GPT-4 model. The tool does not provide the answers but rather guides users towards the right solution to ensure AI is assisting their learning rather than replacing it.

The developers believe in the power of AI-assisted education to improve education outcomes for millions across the globe. Users can sign up for a 3-day trial to test out the tool and upgrade to a full subscription after if they wish.

The tool has an affordable monthly subscription of $1, making it the cheapest way to boost one's learning. The tool is compatible with Chrome, easy to use, and can be used for functions, snippets, or problems.

Additionally, the tool does not collect any user data according to the developer's privacy policy. The tool has a few positive reviews that commend its helpfulness and ease of use.

In general, OpenAI Study Buddy is an excellent tool for learners who need coding hints without getting direct answers, and it is wallet-friendly.

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Pros and Cons


Chrome extension
Boosted performance with GPT-4
Does not provide direct answers
Offers coding hints
Affordable monthly subscription
3-day trial available
Compatible with Chrome
Functions, snippets, or problems use
Does not collect user data
Positive user reviews
Helps in coding journey
Designed for coding learners
Easy to use
Guides users towards solutions
Simple usage process
Can supercharge productivity
Allows testing before subscription
Tool is regularly updated
Lightweight on memory (1.05MiB)
Supports English language


Only for Chrome users
3-day trial limit
Subscription needed post-trial
Does not provide answers
Specific shortcut required
Limited to coding help
Only offers hints
Supports English only
Requires manual highlighting
Limited user reviews


What is OpenAI Study Buddy?
How does OpenAI Study Buddy work?
How do I use OpenAI Study Buddy?
What does the GPT-4 upgrade mean for the performance of OpenAI Study Buddy?
Does OpenAI Study Buddy provide direct answers to coding problems?
How does OpenAI Study Buddy assist in the learning process?
Is there a trial period for OpenAI Study Buddy?
How much does a subscription to OpenAI Study Buddy cost?
Is OpenAI Study Buddy compatible with all browsers?
What types of code can OpenAI Study Buddy assist with?
Does OpenAI Study Buddy collect any user data?
What has been the user feedback for OpenAI Study Buddy?
Who are the developers of OpenAI Study Buddy?
How can I upgrade to a full subscription of OpenAI Study Buddy?
What type of users is OpenAI Study Buddy intended for?
What technology is used in OpenAI Study Buddy?
What does 'AI-assisted education' mean in the context of OpenAI Study Buddy?
How does the tool guide users towards the right solution?
How is OpenAI Study Buddy a wallet-friendly tool?
What's the recent update detail of OpenAI Study Buddy?

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