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A focused learning assistant for personalized topic exploration.
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Sample prompts:
What caused the fall of the Roman Empire?
How does machine learning work?
What is the structure and function of a cell?
What are the key principles of sustainable architecture?
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Tutor is a GPT designed to assist with focused learning explorations personalized to the user's topic of interest. Leveraging the sophisticated technology of ChatGPT, Tutor enables deep and insightful conversations about a diverse range of subjects.

Users can ask questions on a variety of topics, such as historical events, scientific concepts or principles of sustainable architecture, and much more.

Such conversations help users in understanding complex topics and also guide them to delve deeper into their area of interest. By opening up personal learning paths, the Tutor GPT facilitates self-guided study sessions.

This tool requires the usage of ChatGPT Plus to function. It is important to note that new iterations may bring updated functionalities or improvements, hence the version noted in this description, v.13.11.23, is subject to change.


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