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Cancer screening service through machine learning.
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Oatmeal Health is an AI-enabled cancer screening service that uses technology to identify, preventively screen, and rescreen vulnerable populations for lung cancer.

The tool is designed to help Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), payers, and employers improve patient outcomes by detecting cancer early, reducing healthcare costs, and increasing patient compliance.

The service leverages AI and machine learning technologies to identify and screen high-risk cancer patients before their health worsens and healthcare costs spiral out of control.

Oatmeal Health’s clinical team confirms patient eligibility per USPSTF guidelines and schedules appointments for patients with transport and incentives.

They also provide continuous patient education and rescreening using culturally sensitive micro-nudges. Oatmeal Health is a virtual-first service that allows providers and health plans to offer preventative image-based lung cancer screening services at scale.

The tool saves lives and costs $237K per early detection. The company’s first product is an end-to-end, integrated screening service that delivers virtual and in-person care for underserved Americans.

Oatmeal Health collaborates with nonprofits, companies, governments, and other organizations to address complex healthcare challenges on a national scale.

The tool is veteran-owned and clinician-led.


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Oatmeal Health was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 25th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Identifies high-risk cancer patients
Improves patient outcomes
Reduces healthcare costs
Increases patient compliance
Confirms patient eligibility
Schedules patient appointments
Offers transport and incentives
Provides patient education
Rescreens with micro-nudges
Virtual-first service
Lung cancer screening scale
Saves $237K per detection
Collaborates with various organizations
High-touch virtual care
Offers continuous screening services
Saves lives
Uses EHR Data
Determines malignancy risk of nodule
Continuous rescreening at set intervals
No patient cost for scheduling
Utilizes collaborative care model
Offers preventative image-based screening
Delivers in-person and virtual care


Limited to lung cancer
High cost per detection
Focused on American market
Limited integration with EHRs
Requires continuous rescreening
Culturally sensitive micro-nudges unclear
Limited to high-risk patients
Reliance on partnerships for reach
Virtual-first may limit accessibility


What is Oatmeal Health?
How does Oatmeal Health utilize AI for cancer screening?
How does Oatmeal Health work to prevent lung cancer?
Who are the primary users of the Oatmeal Health tool?
What are the benefits of using Oatmeal Health for employers and payers?
What is the cost-effectivity of Oatmeal Health's early detection?
Is Oatmeal Health solely a virtual service or does it offer in-person care as well?
What kind of organizations does Oatmeal Health collaborate with?
Who is behind the creation of Oatmeal Health?
How are patients educated and rescreened in Oatmeal Health?
What is the significance of Oatmeal Health being veteran-owned and clinician-led?
How does Oatmeal Health help to improve patient compliance?
What kind of support does Oatmeal Health offer for scheduling and transport?
How can providers and health plans use Oatmeal Health at their facilities?
How does Oatmeal Health confirm patient eligibility for screening?
How does Oatmeal Health's AI handle the reading of CT scans?
How does Oatmeal Health identify high-risk patients for screening?
What are the goals of Oatmeal Health's patient education and rescreening?
Does Oatmeal Health offer any support or additional services beyond screenings?
How has the Oatmeal Health tool been received by FQHCs and other partners?


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