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Text-to-voice for ads, games, learning & publishing.
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DeepZen is an AI-powered voice solution tool that enables users to transform text into audio content quickly and cost-effectively. DeepZen’s groundbreaking technology uses licensed voice replicas of skilled narrators and actors to add rhythm, stress and intonation to written text.

This technology is able to produce digital voice solutions for various industries such as advertising, gaming, e-learning, publishing and more. DeepZen’s AI voices are able to capture the full emotional spectrum of the human voice and can be used for audiobooks, podcasts, virtual assistants and more.

The tool is ideal for publishers, authors, marketers, production companies, content creators, voice artists, game developers, educators and more. DeepZen has been recognised by the Oracle for Start-Ups program and was awarded “Most Innovative Solution” at Oracle Open World Europe in 2020.


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DeepZen was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 21st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Skilled narrator voice replicas
Adds rhythm and intonation
Emotional spectrum of human voice
Audiobooks, podcasts, virtual assistants applications
Quick text to audio conversion
Cost-effective production
Multiple industry applications
Oracle recognition
Convenient use cases
High quality voice output
Fast market availability
Cost efficient
Great for Publishers, Authors
Ideal for Agencies and Marketers
Beneficial to Game Developers
Helpful for Educators
Professional narrator voice clones
No geographical limitation
Expansion of narrator voices
Cloned voice creation for games
Multi-sensory learning experiences
Awarded 'Most Innovative Solution'
Comparable to traditional human narration
Transformed audiobooks production process
Specific service for content creators
No need for physical studios
Faster audio production
Replicable emotional voice range


Limited voice replicas availability
May lack language support
Emotional spectrum control unclear
Pricing not transparent
No real-time voice API
Depends on external editors
Limited emotional range examples
Not open-source
Content restrictions unclear
No offline usage


What is DeepZen?
How does DeepZen work?
What industries can use DeepZen?
Can DeepZen capture different emotions in voices?
What types of content can DeepZen create audio for?
What awards has DeepZen won?
Who typically uses DeepZen?
Is DeepZen suitable for game developers?
Can DeepZen be used for e-learning purposes?
Can DeepZen produce voices in different languages?
What makes DeepZen different from other text-to-speech tools?
What are some successful implementations of DeepZen?
How quick is DeepZen in transforming text into speech?
How does DeepZen manage the intonation and rhythm in voice?
Can voice artists use DeepZen?
How does DeepZen benefit marketers?
Are there any cost efficiencies provided by DeepZen?
What is the emotional range that DeepZen can capture?
How can authors benefit from DeepZen?
Is it possible to customize the voiceovers in DeepZen?


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