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GPT welcome message: Bienvenue à BootcampGPT! Prêt pour coder dans votre langue?
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What technology do you want to learn?
How experienced are you in this tech?
how much time do you have to learning?
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BootcampGPT is an AI tool built on top of OpenAI's ChatGPT aimed at presenting users with an artificial intelligence bootcamp instructor. Developed by DILLARD, it's designed to assist and guide users in their coding journey.

It can be especially useful for individuals diving into new technologies, as it readily responds to insightful prompts related to the particular technology one wishes to learn, the user's level of experience in the said tech, and the available time dedicated to learning.

The GPT provides a user-friendly and flexible approach to learning coding languages. After signing up, users can start interacting with the GPT via chat.

The conversation with BootcampGPT tool is initiated with a welcoming message: 'Bienvenue BootcampGPT! Prt pour coder dans votre langue?'. The GPT can operate in various languages, making it accessible for a wide array of users across different linguistic backgrounds.

BootcampGPT enables beginners and experienced coders alike to learn, practice, and improve their coding skills at their own pace. Users should note that accessing BootcampGPT requires having ChatGPT Plus.


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