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Automated 1-1 tutorship with generative AI Avatar Tutors
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Praktika is an AI language learning app that offers an automated 1-1 tutorship experience with generative AI Avatar Tutors. These AI tutors have been designed to interact with learners in a human-like manner, offering personalized lessons and practice sessions that can be accessed at any time, from anywhere.

Praktika's avatars adapt to the learner's unique language skills and personal contexts, thereby optimizing the learning process. Moreover, as opposed to traditional language learning methods which can be costly and depend on the tutor's availability, Praktika ensures a low-pressure environment where learning English is made fun and accessible.

The platform is also equipped to provide learners with real-time feedback after each session. Praktika boasts numerous lessons and characters which aid in understanding native dialects and reducing psycho-emotional pressure that can occur through highlighting learner's mistakes in a traditional learning setup.

The app uses AI-powered algorithms that work with minimum latency and high accuracy to provide prompt and precise feedback, ensuring efficient language learning performance.

Ultimately, Praktika bridges the gap between traditional language learning apps and human tutors, offering learners a reliable and effective tool to master English.


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Pros and Cons


Immersive language learning
Real-time and after-session feedback
1000+ lessons available
10,000+ minutes of unlimited practice
Progress visualization
Low-pressure learning
Understanding native dialects
High accuracy in feedback
Minimal latency
Convenient for busy schedules
Positive reviews from multiple sources
Personalized lessons
Accessible from anywhere
Adapting to personal language skill
Reducing psycho-emotional pressure
Automated 1-1 tutorship
Accessible education
Learning optimization
Interactive learning
Human-like interaction
Human-tutor precision
Playable on Android and iOS
Unique avatar backgrounds
Remember personal learners context
Fastest Path to English Mastery
Real-time student language performance
50x cheaper than a tutor
Ultra-realistic avatars
Accurate lip syncing
Emotion & mimics representation


No offline mode
High latency issues
Feedback accuracy concerns
Limited to English learning
Limited personalization options
No community learning support
Lacks manual lesson selection
Pressure from error highlighting
No free trial option


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How does using Praktika compare to hiring a notional human tutor?
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What sort of environments are simulated by Praktika for immersive language-learning?
What kind of after-session feedback can I expect from Praktika?
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How can Praktika fit into a busy schedule?

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