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Enhancing language speaking skills through practice.
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Talkio AI is a language training web application that uses advanced AI technology to improve your oral language skills. Founded in Denmark, this app offers a safe and supportive environment where users can practice speaking with the help of more than 400 unique AI Tutors powered by ChatGPT technology.

Talkio AI offers a diverse range of language options and supports multiple dialects in over 134 languages, including English, Chinese, and French. Users can have interesting and fun voice conversations with AI Tutors, assess and practice their pronunciation with word-by-word feedback, and choose from a wide range of topics to discuss.

Talkio AI provides instant feedback on language skills and tips on how to improve, as well as instant translations to support users in conversations. The app features premium voices and supports multiple dialects for the most popular languages.

Prices currently range from $9/month to $49/month, with a 7-day free trial available that can be cancelled anytime. With Talkio AI, users can immerse themselves in authentic conversations and gain proficiency in the dialects that matter most to them, allowing them to express themselves confidently in the language they are learning.


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Pros and Cons


Supports 134 languages
Multi-dialect support
Immediate language skill feedback
Premium voice technology
Immersive voice conversations
Instant translations
Pronunciation assessment
Variable, topical discussions
Safe, supportive environment
7-day free trial
Flexible pricing options
Used by 350k+ users
Founded in Denmark (privacy)
Works in all modern browsers
Data stored in EU
Compliant with GDPR
No need for user provided API Key
Integrated Feedback and Translations
Powered by ChatGPT and GPT-4
Unique constructs for language learning


Expense could be prohibitive
Subscription-based (no free plan)
Usage limits on services
No auto-play audio in iOS
Not fully optimized for mobile
Data stored in multiple locations
Required credit card for trial
ChatGPT and GPT-4 mixed usage
Cancellation necessary to avoid charges
Lengthy pages/loading time potential

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