Automated research assistance via machine learning.

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Elicit is an AI research assistant that uses machine learning to help automate research workflows. It can find relevant papers without needing exact keyword matches and extract key information from them.

Elicit can also summarize takeaways from the paper that are specific to the user’s question, and provide other research tasks such as brainstorming, summarization and text classification.

This assists the user in finding answers to their questions using research, while also helping to streamline their research workflow.

Elicit was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 6th 2023.
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Azmat Yusaf
· Sep 18, 2023
Think its a fab tool but why wont it allow you to save your workflows?
Dr. Cris Wildermuth
· Sep 1, 2023
It's driving me a bit crazy that we can't save anything we create. I'm happy to pay for credits, but I wouldn't want to pay and see everything disappear - even if I have an account and am logged in. I think it's a fabulous idea but it still needs work.

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Pros and Cons


Automates research workflows
Doesn't need perfect keywords
Extracts key paper information
Tailored paper summaries
Assists in brainstorming
Summarizes texts
Classifies texts
Understands language models
Helps with literature reviews
Aids in answering research questions


Limited to academic research
No keyword matching customization
No user-specific summarization settings
No translation functionality
Cannot integrate with databases
Lacks collaborative features
No offline mode
Limited file format support
No specified security measures
Dependent on Internet connectivity


What is Elicit?
How does Elicit use machine learning to assist with research?
Does Elicit require exact keyword matches to find relevant papers?
What kind of information can Elicit extract from papers?
Can Elicit summarize takeaways from a paper that are specific to my question?
Does Elicit just find papers or can it also perform other research tasks?
What other research tasks can Elicit assist with?
What does Elicit mean by automating research workflows?
Can Elicit assist with literature review?
Can Elicit help me with the brainstorming process for my research?
Is summarization a function provided by Elicit?
Does Elicit provide text classification assistance?
What kind of language models does Elicit use?
Are there any pre-requisites for the utilization of Elicit in my research workflow?
How does Elicit help in answering questions with research?
How do I sign up for Elicit?
Can Elicit extract key claims from my research papers?
How does Elicit's AI model help in my research process?
Is there a paid version of Elicit offering more features?
How user-friendly is Elicit for a beginner in academic research?

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