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ByT Tumiel
Discover, read, reference, and search all arXiv papers.
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Sample prompts:
Show me the transformer model architecture and tell me the hyperparams of each layer
How is the reward model implemented in instructGPT:
Find me a good summary paper/book on quantum computing for beginners
What are the key improvements made in SDXL:
Write a literature review of model based reinforcement learning.
Tabulate the results of
What are the latest efficiency improvements in perovskite solar cells
What regularization methods were used in the transformer paper?
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arXiv Xplorer is a GPT designed to streamline the process of researching and referencing scientific papers held within the arXiv database. The primary functionality of this GPT revolves around discovery, reading, referencing, and searching the extensive collection of arXiv papers.

This tool is particularly useful for academics, researchers and students who are looking to delve into a wide range of scientific papers, offering a platform to easily navigate through the database.

Users can ask queries to the GPT such as requesting summaries of specific papers, asking questions about the model architecture within certain studies, and even asking for literature reviews on specific scientific subjects.

This tool also helps in tabulating results of scholarly articles and provides insight on latest improvements in scientific fields such as perovskite solar cell efficiencies.

The GPT is developed to make the process of using arXiv papers more user-friendly and efficient, providing an interactive way of interacting with the database and extracting relevant information.

It should be noted that usage of arXiv Xplorer requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription. In addition to its core functionalities, arXiv Xplorer encourages users to engage in proactive education and research in a wide array of scientific fields.


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arXiv Xplorer was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 29th 2023.
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