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Namelix is an AI-powered business name generator that helps users create unique, brandable names for their business. It uses a state-of-the-art language model to generate short, catchy names that are relevant to the user’s business idea.

The algorithm learns from the names the user likes, and offers better recommendations over time. The tool also helps users filter results by prioritizing shorter names, having a specific keyword, or domain extension.

In addition, Namelix provides a logo creation service powered by artificial intelligence, via, to create a professional logo for the user’s business.

Namelix is an invaluable tool for new businesses, as it provides them with short, branded names that are unique, memorable, and affordable.

Namelix was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 18th 2022.
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Wesley K Boone
· May 29, 2023
Simple to use, a diverse selection of name and design combinations. Although your diverse keywords do minimal to persuade, I suggest using professional titles over personal aesthetics keywords. It will generate existing business names, beware. Still a great tool and a lot of fun! If you're great at everything you do but fail to be decisive when deciding for yourself, It's like writer's block. But, when it's hard to generate ideas for yourself, this will get you going.
· Apr 24, 2023
Very helpful

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Pros and Cons


Generates unique business names
Creates brandable names
Predictive language model
Recommendations improve over time
Filters for shorter names
Filters for specific keywords
Filters for domain extensions
Integrates with logo service
Generates professional logos
Cost effective naming
Prioritizes memorable names
Suggests domain availability
Seamless process
Efficient for new businesses
Improves startup branding
Suggests affordable names
Distinguishes name relevance
Uses learning user preferences
Enhances SEO through keywords
Customizable name generation
Convenience of logo creation
Complete brand creation tool
Learning algorithm
Names are catchy
Relevance to business idea
Helps save names
Delivers fast results
Encourages brand confidence
Delivers confidence-inspiring names
Names are short
Can create multi-word names


No multi-language support
Limited name customization
Dependent on Brandmark for logos
No offline usability
Doesn't support bulk name generation
No social media handle check
No trademark check feature
Lacks API for integration
Limited name editing tools
No user collaboration tools


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How does Namelix generate business names?
How does Namelix's AI-learning improve name suggestions?
Can I prioritize shorter names with Namelix?
Does Namelix allow for specific keyword filters?
Can I check domain extension availability with Namelix?
What additional services does Namelix offer?
Can Namelix create a logo for my business?
Why should I choose Namelix over other name generators?
What makes the names generated by Namelix unique and brandable?
How does Namelix help new businesses?
What is the role of artificial intelligence in Namelix?
How do I get name ideas with Namelix?
How does Namelix ensure the business names are relevant to my business idea?
What are some successful names generated by Namelix?
Why does Namelix focus on short, branded names?
How many suggestions can Namelix provide for a single business idea?
How does Namelix ensure the affordability of the generated names?
Can I save my favored names in Namelix?
What is the collaboration between Namelix and

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