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Generate business names using keywords for startups.
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The Business Name Generator by TRUiC is an advanced AI tool designed to assist users in finding the perfect name for their new business. By entering at least two keywords related to the company or desired name, users can generate unique and creative business name ideas.

These generated names are thoughtfully constructed to be memorable, engaging, and reflective of the brand. The tool also offers the ability to check for the availability of ".COM" domain names, ensuring that users can instantly see if their desired business name is available for purchase.

This feature makes it a valuable domain name generator as well. Additionally, users can personalize their business name by location, incorporating local identifiers that can boost their visibility in local search results, and optimize it for local SEO.After generating a list of names, users can scroll through and mark their favorites for further consideration.

The tool encourages users to consider factors such as alignment with brand values, ease of remembering and pronouncing, catchiness, uniqueness, and personal resonance when selecting their final business name.To establish a cohesive online brand presence, the tool advises users to verify the availability of the chosen business name as a social media handle on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Meta's "Threads." This helps ensure uniformity and provides multiple avenues for potential customers to discover the brand.Once users have narrowed down their choices, they can select their business name and proceed to purchase the matching domain name through GoDaddy at a discounted rate.

This allows them to establish their online presence and easily set up their website, ensuring potential customers can easily find their business.


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Pros and Cons


Generates unique business names
Uses keywords for relevancy
Names are memorable, engaging
Offers .COM domain availability
Allows business name personalization
Can incorporate local identifiers
Optimizes for local SEO
Favourites marking for consideration
Guides for alignment with brand values
Checks social media handle availability
Discounted domain name purchasing
Informs about factors for name selection
Industry-specific business name generators
Generates names based on location
Offers SEO-friendly names
Verifies domain and social handle availability
Allows personal resonance evaluation
Exclusive deal with GoDaddy
Flexible based on geographic reach
Comprehensive for local and international businesses
Assists with understanding market influence
Ignites imagination for name selection
Ensures easy business searchability
Checks domain name availability
Checks social media handle availability
Helps in reviewing and finalizing name
Extensive name database
Time saving with domain availability check
Enhances brand identity
Convenient and user-friendly interface


Only checks .COM availability
Doesn't check social handle availability
Domain purchase through GoDaddy only
Not tailored for global businesses
No multi-language support
No categorization of generated names
Doesn't suggest brandable domains
Requires JavaScript
No mobile application
Limited personalization features


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Can I generate unique and creative business names using Truic?
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