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ByHX Lim
Creative business name ideator
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Sample prompts:
Generate a tech startup name
Name for a bakery
Eco-friendly brand name ideas
Suggest a name for a fitness app
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Juicy Names is a GPT that operates within ChatGPT designed to come up with unique and creative business names. Created by HX Lim, this tool helps businesses, entrepreneurs, or anyone looking for a unique business name, to streamline the name ideation process.

It functions with a set of prompt starters, which users can tweak to suit their specific needs. The prompts include requests for names for a variety of sectors such as tech startups, bakeries, eco-friendly brands, fitness apps, and much more.

The user inputs a prompt, and the GPT generates name ideas based on these prompts. Juicy Names uses the power of AI to analyze patterns and generate creative, catchy, and industry-appropriate names.

It supports various industries, making it a versatile tool for name generation. Notably, this tool relies on ChatGPT Plus to perform its functionalities.

In essence, Juicy Names is a creativity booster, aiming to make the process of business name ideation simpler, quicker, and more efficient.


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