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Brainstormed, multilingual text, flexible presentations.
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ProtoText is a free desktop application suitable for brainstorming with AI assistance, note-taking, composing multilingual text, creating flexible presentations, building knowledge networks, and managing project content.

The app has a minimalistic, user-friendly interface that organizes text into individual "cards," allowing users to easily drag and drop them, duplicate or delete them without the need to select text.

This approach offers more flexibility than traditional text writing and saves time. ProtoText's built-in ChatGPT allows users to interact with a prompt engineering engine to improve prompts and generate content.

The app also allows users to translate content into any language without losing connection with the original text and localize all pages of content synchronously in a special app mode.

ProtoText features an encryption function that protects data with strong encryption, without the possibility of recovering passwords. The app also has many real-world use cases, from a library of generated images, a knowledge base, to organizing hundreds of media files or synthesizing audio samples.

ProtoText's Manifesto highlights that the app is minimalistic, private, offline-first, open-source, with no ads or registration. ProtoText users have access to tutorials, a usage guide, a community, a Q&A section, and a helpful "how-to" guide.


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May 30, 2023
This is a simple, private, free tool that helps me unload my thought stack to decompose and solve any creative tasks. I love to use this app as an alternative to the official ChatGPT to conveniently apply my frequent prompts to the results of my brainstorming.

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Pros and Cons


Free desktop application
Multilingual text composition
Flexible presentations creation
Project content management
Minimalistic user-friendly interface
Organizes information as 'cards'
Easy drag and drop capability
Duplication and deletion of cards
Time-saving writing approach
ChatGPT integration
Interactive prompt engineering
Content translation into any language
Synchronous content localization
Strong data encryption function
Multimedia files organization
Audio samples synthesis
No ads
No registration required
User guides and tutorials
Accessible community support
Q&A section available
Dark mode option
Semantic data export
Strong security measures
Useful for managing images
Helps in organizing keywords
Facilitates audio samples organization
Offline-first approach
Multi-window support
Spell checking functionality
Preview image and videos
Multiple card selection
Styled cards
Search & filter content
Right-to-left script support
Help screen and hotkeys
Includes undo function
Downloadable templates availability
BITCOIN investment option
Hosting and domain expenses covered
Supports content localization with binding to original text
Maintains history function
Backs up data for error security


Offline-first limits collaboration
No app for mobile
Windows build not well-tested
Requires ability to parse "cards"
Absence of automatic backup
Limited customer support
Only basic encryption features
No build for Linux
Encrypted data irretrievable
Requires manual update


What is Prototext?
What are key features of Prototext?
How does Prototext assist with brainstorming?
What is the purpose of 'cards' in Prototext?
How does the built-in ChatGPT work in Prototext?
How does Prototext handle multilingual text?
How does Prototext ensure the privacy of my data?
What is the special app mode in Prototext?
Can Prototext translate my content without losing connection with the original text?
What are some real-world use cases of Prototext?
How can Prototext help me manage project content?
What is the encryption function of Prototext and how does it work?
Why is Prototext considered 'offline-first'?
Is Prototext an open-source tool?
How does Prototext assist with creating presentations?
What kind of support and learning resources are available for Prototext?
Why doesn't Prototext require registration?
What does the term 'Card-based Approach' mean in Prototext?
How is organizing knowledge in Prototext different from traditional methods?
How can Prototext help me with content generation?

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