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Use optimized prompts to create beautiful art!
GPT welcome message: Hello
Sample prompts:
An aerial view of an eagle flying over a river.
Macro photography of jewelry under colored lights.
Generate images with an unusual blend of two styles.
Portraits of a cute hybrid-creature in a magical world.
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The Glibatree Art Designer is a GPT utilizing the capabilities of ChatGPT for the innovative purpose of facilitating art creation. The tool uses optimized prompts to generate a wide range of artistic ideas and concepts.

The user interaction starts with a welcome message to set a friendly tone and guides the user through prompt choices. The prompt starters offered in this tool are very unique and set to inspire diverse art creations.

Some examples of such prompts are 'An aerial view of an eagle flying over a river', 'Macro photography of jewelry under colored lights', and 'Portraits of a cute hybrid-creature in a magical world'.

Such prompts imply that this tool is capable of generating art ideas with multiple themes and styles, thus providing a versatile platform for digital artists and art enthusiasts.

The tool appears to benefit users by providing them with innovative ideas for their art projects, aiding in visual design, and nurturing creativity. As this GPT works in conjunction with ChatGPT, an account sign up is required to use this tool.

The Glibatree Art Designer reflects an engaging utility of GPT for artistic innovations and creations. Its contributions include facilitating the ideation process for artists, providing a creative platform for art generation, and showcasing the adaptive use of AI technology in enriching the art and design sector.


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