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Boost your creativity with AI-powered brainstorming.
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Ideamap is an AI-powered tool engineered to facilitate effective and creative brainstorming. Enabling teams to collaborate on ideas, the tool leverages AI to enhance creativity and fast-track the brainstorming process.

It offers an interactive visual workspace where concepts and ideas can be mapped, discussed, and refined in real-time. The AI aspect acts as a 'Co-pilot,' providing a dynamic, untiring eye for feedback and inspired suggestions, thus boosting the productivity of brainstorming sessions.

The tool has the capacity to generate ideas, visualize them, detect duplicate or repetitive ideas, and streamline the entire ideation process. Furthermore, Ideamap emphasizes the efficient use of time with its AI actions that assist in idea analysis and provide inspiration.

Users can thoroughly engage with the creative process on an infinite canvas, which is designed to be both fun and structured. The functionality extends to collaborative decision making, where teams can vote on ideas, conclude brainstorming sessions facilitated by AI algorithms, and employ a variety of framework templates.

With easy sharing options, teams can invite as many external stakeholders as required to the brainstorming session.To enhance accessibility, it accepts idea imports from diverse sources, such as real-time recordings and existing presentations, encouraging a comprehensive ideation environment.

It also includes security features to ensure that every team's brainstorming sessions stay secure and easily retrievable. Overall, Ideamap represents an advanced solution for teams looking to amplify their brainstorming and decision-making capabilities.


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Feb 13, 2024
Ideamap is good.

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Pros and Cons


Interactive visual workspace
Facilitates real-time collaboration
Infinite canvas for brainstorming
Supports team decision making
Various framework templates
Easy sharing options
Idea imports from diverse sources
Inbuilt security features
Detects duplicate or repetitive ideas
Real-time feedback mechanism
Inspires creative processes
Streamlines ideation process
Enhances efficient use of time
Facilitates input from external stakeholders
Idea visualization
Offers automatic idea generation
Interactive feedback and suggestion system
Emphasizes structured yet fun brainstorming
Free for external participants
Imports from real-time recordings
Imports from existing presentations
Voting system on ideas
Ensures retrievable brainstorming sessions


Lacks offline working mode
No language translation feature
Limited customization options
Doesn't support all file types
No mention of data backup
No native mobile application
Potential privacy concerns
Lacks text-to-speech functionality
No explicit accessibility features
Unclear pricing structure


What is Ideamap?
How does Ideamap use AI to enhance brainstorming sessions?
What is the 'Co-pilot' feature of Ideamap?
How does Ideamap deal with duplicate or repetitive ideas?
Can Ideamap effectively be used for remote work?
How does Ideamap streamline the ideation process?
Are there custom framework templates in Ideamap?
How does Ideamap enable collaborative decision making?
Can external stakeholders be invited to Ideamap brainstorming sessions?
Can ideas be imported into Ideamap from different sources?
What security features does Ideamap have?
Can Ideamap sessions be easily retrieved?
What is the 'Infinite Canvas' in Ideamap?
How does Ideamap enhance creativity?
What features does Ideamap offer to help analyze ideas?
Can teams vote on ideas in Ideamap?
Can Ideamap be used to visualize ideas?
Does Ideamap provide real-time feedback?
What type of sharing options does Ideamap have?
How can Ideamap boost productivity during brainstorming sessions?

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