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ByDereck Tafuma
Emulates Elon Musk's innovative thinking in tech and space.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Let's think like Elon Musk.
Sample prompts:
How would Elon Musk innovate in tech?
Elon Musk's view on space travel?
What renewable energy solutions might Elon propose?
Entrepreneurship tips inspired by Elon Musk?
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Think Like Elon is a Generative Pre-training Transformer (GPT) designed to replicate the innovative thought processes of Elon Musk, particularly in the fields of technology and space exploration.

It provides users the opportunity to engage in simulated conversations that reflect Musk's viewpoints and ideas on pertinent topics. This GPT could function as an optimistic thinking tool, aiming to inspire users by bringing Musk's renowned creative and forward-thinking approach within their reach.

The GPT provides dialogue starters to help kickstart user interactions, such as 'How would Elon Musk innovate in tech?', 'Elon Musk's view on space travel?', 'What renewable energy solutions might Elon propose?', and 'Entrepreneurship tips inspired by Elon Musk?'.

It is important to note that Think Like Elon requires prior access to ChatGPT Plus, implying it operates as an extended application within the broader ChatGPT framework.

The developer of Think Like Elon is Dereck Tafuma. While this GPT is a creative approach to spur ground-breaking thinking, users should be aware that responses generated do not represent Elon Musk's actual opinions but are artificial intelligence simulations based on the innovative principles associated with him.


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Think Like Elon was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 9th 2024.
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