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ByHustle Playground
Creating unique board game concepts.
Sample prompts:
Suggest a mechanic for a cooperative board game
What theme would work well with a deck-building mechanic?
How can I market my strategy board game?
Provide feedback on my game's player dynamics.
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Board Game Brainstormer is a GPT developed by Hustle Playground designed to serve as a creative aid for board game designers. Its purpose is to help in brainstorming and generating new game concepts with unique mechanics, themes, and player dynamics.

The tool is built on top of ChatGPT and requires an active ChatGPT Plus subscription. Functionality includes suggesting mechanics for different types of board games, providing ideas for themes that would work well with specific game mechanics, and giving insight into possible marketing strategies for strategy board games.

Moreover, the tool also offers the ability for designers to receive feedback on player dynamics in their games to help refine their concept. As a GPT, Board Game Brainstormer can be a valuable asset for seasoned board game designers as well as novices by offering inspiration and strategic insight to aid in the game development process.


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