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Co-created game art through an automated system.
Generated by ChatGPT

The AI tool being described is an AI generation system designed specifically for game designers. The tool offers a co-creation platform that allows game designers to generate images and then edit them mid-generation for fine control over the final output.

The tool supports voxel art which enables designers to convert 2D images to 3D voxel art in less than a minute. Additionally, the tool offers texture authoring which allows designers to instantly create unique, seamless textures.

The tool, which is currently only available through early access, offers a straightforward solution for concept art development, allowing designers to easily iterate on characters and environments.

By stepping through and editing the evolution of images as they're being formed, designers can have full control over the final art output.Overall, the tool appears to be designed for game designers who require a quick and easy solution for generating concept art and bringing ideas to life with fine and pixel-perfect control.

Based on the provided information, the tool seems to offer a promising solution for game designers looking for a powerful and easy-to-use AI generation tool.


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Pros and Cons


Co-creation platform
Mid-generation editing
Supports voxel art
Texture authoring
Quick 2D to 3D conversion
Designed for game designers
Helps in developing concept art
Fine control over output
Pixel-perfect control
Easily iterate characters and environments
Create seamless textures instantly
Transform images into voxel art
Guide images during formation
Early access available
Designed for effortless iteration
Specialized tool for game assets


Only available through early access
No capacity for non-voxel art
Limited to image generation
No animation support
Lacks high-detail rendering capabilities
Requires active editing input
No API for integration
Limited texture authoring options
No collaboration features
Requires online access


What is Iliad?
Can I edit images mid-generation using Iliad?
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Can Iliad transform 2D images into 3D voxel art?
What is the timeframe for converting a 2D image to 3D voxel art?
Does Iliad support the creation of seamless textures?
What is the process for generating art through Iliad?
Is Iliad suitable for the creation of game characters and environments?
How does Iliad provide control over the final art output?
Is Iliad currently available for general use or only through early access?
Can Iliad help in concept art development for games?
What are the key features of Iliad?
Are there any tutorials or guides for working with Iliad?
How do I gain early access to Iliad?
What is the benefit of becoming an early adopter with Iliad?
Does Iliad offer a platform for real-time editing during the image generation?
Does Iliad offer any tools for texture authoring?
Can I create pixel-perfect art and designs with Iliad?
How versatile is Iliad when it comes to generating different types of game art assets?
Are there any social platforms where I can follow the updates of Iliad?


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