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Sell virtual media assets platform.
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Orbofi is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) content creation platform that enables users to create, search, and sell AI-generated assets, virtual goods, and community orbs.

It offers a variety of tools for creating a range of content, from 2D game assets and characters to concept art, graphics, and media assets. These assets can be tokenized on the blockchain and sold for crypto.

Additionally, users can create their own virtual good factories that can generate hundreds of assets in minutes. Orbofi also provides a hub of AI-generated gaming and media assets, along with their prompts, for users to search and discover.

All assets are created with AI-generated technology, such as Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, Dall-e, Octane Render, and UnReal Engine 5, to produce hyper-detailed, cinematic, and photo-realistic images.


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Orbofi was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 20th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Create, search, sell assets
Virtual goods marketplace
Community orbs creation
Tokenize assets on blockchain
Sell assets for crypto
Virtual good factories creation
Generates hundreds of assets
Prompts for asset discovery
Creates hyper-detailed images
Cinematic image creation
Photo-realistic image generation
Supports Midjourney technology
Supports Stable Diffusion technology
Supports Dall-e technology
Supports Octane Render technology
Supports Unreal Engine 5
Assets compatible with Web3
Assets compatible with Games
Assets compatible with Metaverse
Rapid 2D game assets creation
Allows character design
Allows concept art creation
Sells graphics and media assets
Assets uploaded from other platforms
Image and prompt upload and sale
Community orb creation (soon)
Assets and prompts search functionality
Makes hyper-realistic details
Accommodates a wide range of image genres


No offline functionality
No mobile compatibility
Tokenization exclusively in crypto
No community orb available
Non user-friendly interface
Requires JavaScript enabled
Potential over-dependence on third-party tools
Limited tool offerings


What is Orbofi?
What does Orbofi do?
What kind of assets can I create using Orbofi?
Can I sell my assets on Orbofi?
What is the process to tokenize assets on Orbofi?
What is the purpose of a virtual good factory in Orbofi?
Can I search and discover new assets on Orbofi?
What technologies does Orbofi use to generate assets?
What types of images can Orbofi generate?
Can I upload AI-generated images to Orbofi?
What is an Orbofi 'Community Orb'?
How do I connect to Orbofi?
How can I find out more about how Orbofi works?
Is Orbofi compatible with blockchain and crypto?
Can I use Orbofi for creating 2D game assets and characters?
Can Orbofi produce hyper-detailed, cinematic, and photo-realistic images?
What games does Orbofi specifically work with?
How easy is it to use the Orbofi platform?
What do I need to do to start creating content with Orbofi?
Can I invite and collaborate with friends using Orbofi?


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