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High-quality images for game design and creativity.
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Aitubo is an AI art generator tool designed to produce high-quality images from text and photo inputs. With this tool, users can turn their sketches into masterpieces using AI image generating technology.

It is a web-based application that focuses on creating exquisite game assets efficiently with AI by utilizing professional models to generate items such as game characters and beautiful cartoons.

The platform features a model library with a plethora of models, an AI generator to efficiently generate material for building a game world, and an AI editor to help users edit images more controllable.

Aitubo's AI tools come with existing models that are both general and fine-tuned to generate all sorts of production-ready art assets. The platform aims to allow users to craft a boundless universe in minutes, iterate seamlessly with a cohesive style, and witness a game-changing transformation.

It can be used to generate game material pictures, architectural effect pictures, character dynamic pictures, three-dimensional depth of field pictures, etc., through sketches or photos.

Overall, Aitubo appears to be a valuable tool for game designers, artists, and creators looking to bring their creative ideas to life with AI-generated art assets.


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Aitubo was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 29th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


High-quality image generation
Efficient game asset creation
Professional models for assets
Generates several art assets
Web-based application
Generates pictures from sketches
Generates pictures from photos
Creative idea realization
Quick game world creation
Cohesive style iteration
Model exploration possibilities
Production-ready art assets
Transformative game design capabilities
Three-dimensional depth field pictures
Architectural effect pictures generator
Character dynamic pictures generator
Crafts boundless universe
Efficient and accurate creation
Easy control of model
Generates game material pictures


Limited to game asset creation
Dependent on existing models
Not suitable for non-artists
Possible style consistency issues
Limited editing capabilities
Web-based only
May not support all sketch/photo formats
No mobile application
Complex interface
Has learning curve


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What are the key features of Aitubo?
What is the model library in Aitubo?
Can Aitubo generate game characters and cartoons?
Is Aitubo a web-based application?
How can I edit images in Aitubo?
What type of AI tools does Aitubo offer?
What does 'Aitubo allows you to craft a boundless universe in minutes' mean?
In what ways can I use Aitubo to generate game material pictures?
What are the possibilities of Aitubo's AI Generator?
Can Aitubo generate three-dimensional depth of field pictures?
What is the range of the existing models in Aitubo?
Can I generate architectural effect pictures with Aitubo?
What's the purpose of the AI Editor in Aitubo?
How efficient is Aitubo in generating art assets?
Are there any special requirements for input images in Aitubo?


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