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Generated custom images and puzzles.
Generated by ChatGPT

Designed AI is a powerful tool for creating one-of-a-kind puzzles and other products. Users can explore a range of featured puzzles, such as Puzzle #349-997 and Puzzle #1441-4709, each with four sizes and different prices.

Additionally, users can generate their own creations, from surreal landscapes featuring giant robots to pictures of castles and vintage cars in 4K resolution.

They can even create movie-like scenes with steam powered buildings and mischievous mechanical creatures. With Designed AI, users can create their own unique works of art with the power of Artificial Intelligence.


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Designed With AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 19th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Custom puzzle creation
Variable puzzle sizes
Personalizable pricing
Vast array of themes
User-created art
4K resolution products
Movie-like scene templates
Steam-powered building depictions
Automated surreal landscape generation
Bot-made giant robot images
Customizable image substance
High granularity control
User-controlled artistic style
Ability to imitate artists
Super-high (8K) resolution option
Wide-angle lens simulations
Retro-futuristic aesthetics available
Neon-lit cityscapes rendering
Realistic unicorn depictions
Global delivery options
Classical renaissance style
Vintage car images
Mechanical creature designs
Clear and intuitive interface
Features latest creations
High quality image reproduction
Different lens simulation options
Creates scenes in anime style
Watercolor style renderings


No advanced customization options
Limited puzzle themes
Depends on internet connection
Pricing not competitive
No offline usage
Not user-friendly interface
No collaborative features
Limited product types
No API for integration
No multilingual support


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How much do puzzles cost on Designed AI?
Can I create movie-like scenes with Designed AI?
What is the maximum resolution Designed AI supports?
Can I apply different artistic styles to my images on Designed AI?
What are Featured Puzzles on Designed AI?
Can Designed AI depict objects like castles or vintage cars?
Does Designed AI offer surrealistic element designs?
Can I generate designs with the theme of mechanical creatures?
How do I get started with Designed AI?
Can Designed AI create images/puzzles of specific people/characters?
Can I choose different lighting styles for my generated designs on Designed AI?
Can Designed AI generate images in a photorealistic style?
Is there an option for wide-angle shots on Designed AI?
Does Designed AI offer themed illustrations like festive mid-century retro woman?

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