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ByKai Araki
Discuss and create your course idea with experts.
Sample prompts:
What can you do?
Please give me ideas for courses.
Discuss as appropriate.
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M maker2 Idea Meeting by EN is a GPT designed to aid in the brainstorming and development of course ideas. Targeted at educators, course creators, and thought-leaders, this tool serves as an inclusive platform for discussing and cultivating educational programs.

It distinguishes itself by offering the unique perspective of five experts. By connecting users with these experts, M maker2 assists in elevating initial ideas into substantial, well-rounded courses.As a GPT, it interfaces with ChatGPT to generate discussion prompts and engages in meaningful dialogue, fostering a dynamic environment for brainstorming.

The tool is well-suited for users seeking assistance to generate new course ideas, as well as those looking for different viewpoints to enrich their existing concepts.M maker2 Idea Meeting prompts the users with questions like 'What can you do?' or 'Please give me ideas for courses.' This interactive approach encourages users to explore various topics and unearth new ideas, enhancing the academic program-building experience.This tool is accessible to users having the ChatGPT Plus subscription, outlining its commitment to provide top-tier artificial intelligence resources.

M maker2 Idea Meeting is created by Kai Araki, showcasing a practical application of AI in the realm of education and course creation. It's a novel tool that leverages the power of AI to facilitate productive idea generation and discussion sessions, thereby streamlining the course creation process.


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