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Auto-magically generate a cover letter for the job you want.
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BeamJobs is an online platform offering tools for job applicants to create resumes and cover letters. The primary focus of the tool is the automatic generation of a cover letter that suits the job description provided by the user.

The process begins when a user chooses a resume, either by uploading an existing one or creating a new one from scratch directly on the platform. Following that, the user enters the job description so the tool can tailor the cover letter to the specific job requirements.

The tool aims to alleviate job application stress, eliminating worries about the formatting while ensuring an application is eye-catching and thoroughly matched to the requirements of the job role.

The simplicity and efficiency of the BeamJobs tool may aid job seekers in streamlining their job application process.


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BeamJobs was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 9th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Upload or create resumes
Tailors cover letter to job
Eases job application stress
Streamlines application process
Free online tool
Generates modern resume
Automates cover letter creation
Eliminates formatting worries
Produces eye-catching applications
Personalized job application
Job description based customization
Resume-building capabilities


Doesn't import from LinkedIn
Requires existing resume
No mobile app
No template variety
No real-time editing
No offline functionality
No spell check feature
No multilanguage support
Limited customization
Lacks analytics reports


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What makes BeamJobs different from other job application tools?
Does BeamJobs require any specific information to use their platform?
How can BeamJobs help me improve my job application process?
Can BeamJobs help me make my application more appealing to employers?
Does the BeamJobs tool take into account the requirements of the job role?
Do I need specific technical skills to use BeamJobs?
How can the AI writing assistant by BeamJobs help in my job search?
How does BeamJobs aid in stress-free job hunting?
Is BeamJobs suitable for all job markets?
Can BeamJobs assist me in advancing my career?
What does the term 'auto-magically' mean in the context of BeamJobs?
How efficient is the BeamJobs tool for personalized job applications?
Can BeamJobs streamline my modern job search process?

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