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Reviewing resumes & creating cover letters
GPT welcome message: Welcome! Let's work on your resume and cover letter.
Sample prompts:
How can I tailor my cover letter for [Company Name]?
Can you critique my resume for a [Job Role]?
How do I highlight my skills in my cover letter?
What should I include in my resume for a [Industry] job?
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SuperApply's Job Search CoPilot is a GPT that serves as a dependable partner during your job-seeking process. It specializes in reviewing resumes and creating compelling, personalized cover letters tailored to specific job descriptions.

Priming for a resume critique or drafting a cover letter begins with providing the GPT with your current resume or the job description you're targeting.

It leverages the ChatGPT technology to understand your content and provide intuitive, precise feedback and suggestions. The GPT operates with a 'welcome message' which kickstarts the process.

It offers prompt starters such as 'How can I tailor my cover letter for [Company Name]?', 'Can you critique my resume for a [Job Role]?', 'How do I highlight my skills in my cover letter?', and 'What should I include in my resume for a [Industry] job?'.

These prompt starters help guide users in extracting the most beneficial feedback and direction from the tool. This GPT provided by might require a ChatGPT Plus subscription.

SupperApply's Job CoPilot offers an active role in refining your job application documents, aiding you in presenting the best version of your professional self to potential employers.


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