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ByAyush Gupta
Helps with resumes, cover letters, job insights, and interview prep post-layoff.
GPT welcome message: Hello, I'm here to help you navigate your career path after a layoff.
Sample prompts:
How can I tailor my resume for this job?
Can you help me write a cover letter?
What should I know about this company?
How do I prepare for an interview?
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Layoff Navigator is a GPT developed with the primary aim to assist users in their career navigation after they have experienced a layoff. This tool focuses on a range of services including the construction of resumes and cover letters, providing job insights, and offering assistance in the preparation for interviews.

The GPT is built on the ChatGPT platform and utilizes this base to provide user-friendly conversations that offer guide and expertise to those navigating the job market post-layoff.

Given the nature of this tool, it is likely intended for those who have recently been let go from their jobs and are now in the process of finding new employment.

The GPT presents prompt starters, serving to direct the conversation in ways that are most beneficial to the user. These prompts can help users tailor their resumes to specific jobs, assist in the writing of cover letters, provide knowledge about companies and prepare users for any upcoming interviews.

Overall, Layoff Navigator is a tool designed to reduce the stress of job searching after a layoff by offering guidance, advice, and valuable knowledge tailored to the user's situation.


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