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ByScott Ellis
Expert at tailoring career advice from resumes.
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How can I improve the layout of my resume?
What keywords should I add for a marketing role?
Can you check my resume for consistency issues?
How do I make my achievements stand out more?
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Resume Advisor is a GPT that specializes in analyzing resumes and providing personalized career advice. This tool uses artificial intelligence to assist seekers in creating professional, polished resumes.

It offers a variety of functions, including layout improvement suggestions, tailored keyword recommendations for specific roles, consistency checks, and guidance on how to effectively highlight achievements.

Users interact with Resume Advisor by inputting prompts, and the GPT responds with detailed, tailored advice. For instance, a user may ask 'How can I improve the layout of my resume?' and the GPT will provide a carefully considered response based on best practices and its understanding of current resume trends.

Another prominent feature of Resume Advisor is its ability to offer customized tips relating to specific job positions, helping users enhance their resumes with appropriate keywords and fields.

As a whole, Resume Advisor serves as a beneficial tool for job seekers, career changers, or those wishing to enrich their existing resumes with expert advice.


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