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Craft targeted resumes from scratch.
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Resume Guide is a GPT designed to serve as a comprehensive aid for creating, editing, and optimizing resumes for job applications. Initiated through ChatGPT, Resume Guide offers two primary functions: offering assistance in writing a resume from scratch, or tailoring an existing resume to fit the requirements of a specific job.

Users can engage with the GPT through specific prompts or open discussions, such as 'Create a new resume for me' or 'Optimize my resume for a specific job.' After such an interaction is initiated, this tool will provide guidance and suggestions to improve your resume.

This might include content enrichment, formatting advice, or keyword optimization to align the resume better with the targeted position. It is positioned as a valuable support tool for job seekers, regardless of the industry or role they are applying for.

For access to Resume Guide, users need to be subscribed to the ChatGPT Plus package, thereby implying it could come with more features than the basic ChatGPT service.

It's also important to note that Resume Guide was developed by a community builder, signalling towards an open development approach. This means the tool could be constantly updated based on user feedback and shifting trends in resume creation, thereby staying effective and relevant for job seekers.


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