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Resumy is an AI-powered resume builder that generates professional resumes in just one minute using the latest OpenAI GPT-4 technology, which analyzes a user's work experience, skills, and achievements to create highly effective and polished resumes.

Resumy provides proven templates and determines the best format for each user's resume. The platform's algorithm program detects discrepancies, grammar errors, and issues and auto-corrects them for error-free documents.

The site stores no personal information or resumes, making it a safe option for users who prioritize privacy. For only $10, users can upgrade their job-hunting tools by transforming their resume into a sleek and sophisticated PDF to triple their job interviews.

Resumy founders have exceptional knowledge in the industry, having reviewed and worked on over a thousand resumes and cover letters for their other startup, Crypto Jobs List.

Alongside the platform, they offer personalized support through their partners at Resume Writer, whose writers have over a decade of experience rewriting resumes.

Users can also take advantage of Resumy's referral program, where they receive a free resume upgrade if someone buys via their referral code. After using Resumy, job seekers can apply for jobs in the Cryptocurrency, Web3, and Cyber Security industries, among others, through their partner portals, such as Crypto Jobs List and Cyber Security Jobs.

Resumy eases the stress of creating a resume by automating the process, saving time and effort for job seekers.


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Resumy was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 31st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates resumes in 1 minute
Analyzes work experience, skills, achievements
Provides proven resume templates
Best resume format algorithm
Detects and corrects errors
No personal information storage
Affordable upgrade option
Transforms resume into PDF
Increases job interview opportunities
Founders experienced in industry
Partnership with Resume Writer
Referral program for discounts
Facilitated applications in various industries
Automates resume creation
Aligns resume to recruiter preferences
Founder-reviewed resume model
Privacy prioritized process
Professional, readable resume formats
Integrated grammar check
Sleek and sophisticated PDFs
Document auto-correction features
Job industry-specific applications
Manual support and career coaching
High customer review ratings
Convenient resume upload
Hassle-free process, no login
Specialized issues detection
Years of industry experience
Tripled interview rates
Partnerships with job portals
Crypto and Cyber Security jobs
Fast processing time
Through quality assurance
Highly effective resume outputs
Impressive company partnerships
Accessible customer support
No data retention
Trustworthy privacy policy
Professional career advice available
Reliable document processing
Affiliated industry-specific job sites


Limited industry focus
No storage of resumes
No free basic version
No login or profile
No built-in job posting
No real-time editing
Missing collaboration feature
Dependent on external partners
Single template design


What is Resumy?
How does Resumy use GPT-4 technology to build resumes?
What kinds of job industries does Resumy cater to?
Does Resumy autocorrect discrepancies and grammatical errors in resumes?
How does Resumy handle users' private information?
What benefits do I get if I refer Resumy to others?
Does Resumy offer support for resume writing?
What job portals do Resumy recommend?
How much does Resumy charge for upgrading a resume?
What kind of format does Resumy use for the resumes?
What are the steps to use Resumy's resume builder?
Does Resumy provide template suggestions for resumes?
How quickly does Resumy generate a professional resume?
What experience do Resumy founders have in the industry?
What perks come with the Resumy premium option?
What is the referral program offered by Resumy?
Can I apply for jobs directly through Resumy?
Does Resumy store my resume after it's created?
How can I get personalized help with my resume on Resumy?
Is Resumy suitable for people seeking jobs in the Cyber Security industry?

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