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Create a charming, compact resume in seconds with AI.
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TinyCV is an AI-powered tool designed to simplify the creation of compact, professional resumes. With a user-friendly interface, TinyCV offers users the convenience of generating a concise summary of their resume and a personal website.

A distinguishing feature of this tool is its ability to customize the resume length based on individual requirements, therefore, accommodating both short and extensive resumes.

Apart from generating a resume, it facilitates the creation of a personalized website, adding an extra layer of professionalism to your profile. It is particularly useful for those who wish to share their professional background more easily and stylishly across social media platforms.

An added advantage of using TinyCV is its processing speed - it promises a quick turnaround time for shorter resumes and adjusts the processing time according to the length of the resume.

This tool offers a way to present your professional experiences, skills, languages known, and relevant hashtags in a crisp and engaging way.


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TinyCV was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 16th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


User-friendly interface
Generates personal website
Customizable resume length
Handles short and extensive resumes
Fast processing for short resumes
Adjustable processing time based on resume length
Professional experience, skills, languages and hashtag presentation
Ideal for social media sharing
Supports career development
Enhances presentation skills
Facilitates personal branding
Creatively presents professional summary
Accommodates different professional backgrounds
Accommodates different language proficiencies
Enhances visibility on job search
Supports multiple languages
Auto-generation of professional profiles
Supports image uploads
Responsive design for mobile and desktop
Single-click resume generation
Direct links to personal website
Seamless integration with social media platforms
Supports real-time resume updates
Promotes personal website creation
Quick turnaround time
Crisp and engaging resume design
Allows personal website customization
Facilitates professional networking
Preview option for resume and website
Designed for social media optimization
Simple and intuitive layout
Supports both short and concise or longer, more detailed resumes
Adapts processing time to resume length
Captures relevant professional tags
Speedy processing of data
Direct preview and share options
Generates engaging personal web demo
Assists in professional growth and development
Includes intelligent resume editing suggestions
Consolidates important professional information
Incorporates useful operating prompts
Equipped with state-of-the-art CV design capabilities
Tailors content presentation based on user requirements
Highlights crucial data using a compact layout
Relevant for multiple job profiles and industries


No offline functionality
No multilingual support
No iOS/Android app
Possibly limited templates
Longer resumes need time
Not catering to non-standard professions
No explicit privacy statement
No guide or tutorial
Website theme not customizable
Limited customization options


What is TinyCV?
How does TinyCV work?
What are the main features of TinyCV?
How does TinyCV use AI technology?
Is the length of my resume customizable with TinyCV?
Can TinyCV generate a personal website?
Can I share my TinyCV resumes on social media?
How quickly does TinyCV process my resume?
Does TinyCV's processing time adjust based on the length of the resume?
Can TinyCV highlight skills, languages, and hashtags on my resume?
Do I need any special skills to use TinyCV?
Is TinyCV suitable for people in all industries?
How user-friendly is TinyCV's interface?
Can TinyCV help with job search or career development?
What does the 'personalize your AI website' feature do?
Can I upload my headshot on my TinyCV personal website?
Does TinyCV design CVs?
What makes TinyCV stand out from other AI-based resume tools?
Can I design my TinyCV resume to be specific to certain jobs or industries?
Can I see a demo of a personal website created by TinyCV?

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