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Professional resume generator with optimized keywords.
Generated by ChatGPT

Wized.AI is an AI-powered platform that offers a resume generator tool. With its user-friendly interface, Wized.AI simplifies the process of creating professional resumes by leveraging GPT-4 technology.

Users can effortlessly craft impressive CVs that stand out in the crowded job market.One of the platform's key features is keyword optimization, which helps optimize resumes with relevant keywords to increase visibility and rank higher in applicant tracking systems used by employers.

Wized.AI also utilizes advanced AI algorithms to analyze job descriptions and tailor resumes to match specific employer requirements, increasing the chances of getting noticed by recruiters.The platform offers a variety of professionally designed templates to choose from.

These templates, along with automated formatting, ensure that resumes look polished and professional. Users can easily share their resumes with a unique magic link or download them as PDF files.Additionally, Wized.AI allows users to import existing resumes with just one click.

The AI-powered platform will generate an up-to-date, improved version of the resume, targeted specifically for the user's dream job.Wized.AI has received positive feedback from users, who have found it to be a great help in the job market.

Customers appreciate the easy-to-use interface and the resume sharing feature. The platform's keyword optimization and variety of templates have also been praised for targeting job applications effectively.For users who may need assistance in creating their resumes, Wized.AI offers support from their team.

The platform also provides answers to frequently asked questions to address any queries users may have.Overall, Wized.AI's resume generator tool aims to provide a streamlined experience for users in creating professional, tailored resumes that help them stand out and increase their chances of getting hired.


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Wized was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 12th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


GPT-4 technology
User-friendly interface
Keyword optimization
Tailors resumes to requirements
Professionally designed templates
Automated formatting
Resume sharing feature
One-click resume import
Creates improved versions
Supports any job target
Positive user feedback
Variety of templates
PDF download option
Personalized magic link
FAQ and support access
Success stories section
Match resumes to job descriptions
Streamlined user experience


Lacks mobile app
No offline usage
Limited to English
Relies on GPT-4 only
Potential keyword stuffing
Non-customizable templates
Single file format (PDF)
Requires internet connection
Lacks data security details
No integrated job search


What is Wized.AI?
How does Wized.AI use GPT-4 technology?
In what way does Wized.AI's keyword optimization feature assist job seekers?
How does Wized.AI tailor resumes to match specific requirements?
What types of templates does Wized.AI offer?
Can I share my resume from Wized.AI?
What does 'importing an existing resume' mean in Wized.AI?
How does Wized.AI generate an updated version of an imported resume?
Can I download my resume as a PDF using Wized.AI?
Is there support available if I face issues on Wized.AI?
What kind of feedback has Wized.AI received from users?
How can Wized.AI help me stand out in the job market?
Why is there a section on user feedback on Wized.AI?
What impact does Wized.AI's GPT technology have on resume creation?
Can I use Wized.AI to optimize my resume for applicant tracking systems?
How does the resume sharing feature in Wized.AI work?
Can I customize the templates on Wized.AI?
Does Wized.AI offer a guided chat for creating resumes?
What is a magic link in Wized.AI and how can it be shared?
Does Wized.AI offer any assurance regarding information security?

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