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Career assistant transforming resumes into cover letters.
GPT welcome message: Hello! I'm Mr. Taylor, here to help craft your cover letter. Please upload your resume.
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Mr. Taylor is a GPT that mainly focuses on being a career assistant. Its key function is to assist users in creating cover letters developed from their resumes.

It operates as a supplemental feature to ChatGPT and requires ChatGPT Plus for its functionality. Throughout its interaction with users, Mr. Taylor asks them to upload their resumes and based on that information, it aids in crafting a personalized and professional cover letter, suitable for a variety of job applications.

Additionally, it also provides users with the opportunity to enhance their resumes by evaluating them in relation to specific job roles. Users can feed job descriptions into the tool and get valuable insights to refine their resumes for a particular role.

Additional prompt starters provided by Mr. Taylor include assistance in writing a cover letter for a specific job and assessing the compatibility of the resume with the desired job position.

This direct and efficient approach offered by Mr. Taylor enables users to create effective and job-specific resumes and cover letters.


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