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Generates job application letters.
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CoverLetterGPT is an AI tool that generates unique cover letters based on the user's skills and expertise, making job searching easier and more efficient.

It is accessible through a web app that requires JavaScript to run. The tool boasts a large number of previously generated cover letters, which indicates its popularity and usefulness.

To use CoverLetterGPT, users first need to upload a PDF of their CV or resumé, which serves as a reference for the tool to base the generated cover letter on.

Users can also select the creativity level they want for their cover letter and choose to include a witty remark at the end. The tool is open-source, meaning its code is available for public use and modification, and can be found on GitHub.

Users can also follow the creator of the tool, @hot_town, on Twitter. Overall, CoverLetterGPT is a helpful tool for job seekers, as it saves time by generating unique and customized cover letters using their skills and qualifications.

Additionally, its open-source nature provides potential opportunities for customization and further development.


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Pros and Cons


Generates unique cover letters
User-specified creativity level
Includes witty remark feature
Accessible through web app
Requires only PDF CV
Extensive cover letter database
Open-source tool
Code available on GitHub
Customizable and modifiable
Indicated popularity
Efficient job search aid


Requires JavaScript
Only accepts PDF CVs
No offline version
No mobile app
No multi-document uploading
Limited customization options
No direct third party integrations
Variable creativity levels unreliable
No CV/resume analysis feedback
Witty remark inclusion limited


What is CoverLetterGPT?
What does CoverLetterGPT generate?
How does CoverLetterGPT work?
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What do I need to use CoverLetterGPT?
How to upload my CV to CoverLetterGPT?
What formats does CoverLetterGPT support for CV upload?
Can I adjust the creativity level of my cover letter in CoverLetterGPT?
What does the 'include a witty remark' feature do in CoverLetterGPT?
Can I view the coding behind CoverLetterGPT?
Where can I find CoverLetterGPT's source code?
Can I modify the source code of CoverLetterGPT?
How many cover letters has CoverLetterGPT generated so far?
Who is the creator of CoverLetterGPT?
Can I follow the creator of CoverLetterGPT on social media?
Is JavaScript required to run CoverLetterGPT?
Can CoverLetterGPT generate a cover letter without a CV?
Why does CoverLetterGPT require a CV?
How much does it cost to use CoverLetterGPT?
Can I use CoverLetterGPT on multiple devices at once?

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