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Assisting in creating tailored cover letters for jobs.
Generated by ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence powered tool that helps users create customized and professional cover letters for job applications.

Utilizing 188 billion data points, the AI technology scans the job description and drafts a unique cover letter tailored for each job opportunity. The tool helps users stand out from the competition and communicates to recruiters why their qualifications make them perfectly suited for the position. eliminates the need for tedious, manual writing of cover letters and helps users quickly craft an unforgettable cover letter in minutes.

With, users can get more job interviews, showcase their specialized skill sets, and increase their chances of getting the job they want.


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CoverLetterSimple was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 18th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


188 billion data points
Tailored cover letter creation
Quick letter drafting
Increased interview chances
Boosts job acquisition
Showcases specific skills
Free trial available
Automated content generation
Job-specific information analysis
High-quality cover letters
Impress potential employers
Stand out from competition
Unique qualification communication
Accessible customer support
Comprehensive privacy policy
Transparent terms of use
Enables fast application processes
Efficient job-seeking aid
Cover letter professionalization
Zero credit card commitment
Broad job title access
Streamlined writing process


No multi-language support
No real-time collaboration
No integration with job platforms
No offline functionality
No mention of data security
No mobile version
No personalization beyond job description
No cover letter templates
Limited user interface customization


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How does use AI to generate cover letters?
How quickly can I create a cover letter using
How does tailor the cover letter to the job description?
How can increase my chances of landing a job?
What makes the cover letters created by unique?
Is free to use?
How can I sign up for
Does have any examples of cover letters generated using this tool?
How does analyze the job description to write a cover letter?
How does help stand out in job applications?
Where can I find pricing information for
How does use data points to create cover letters?
How do I contact the support team?
Does require credit card information to try it?
Where do I enter my job title and description on
Can I review and edit the cover letter generated by
Does have a privacy policy?
Can I find terms of use?
Is available worldwide or only in certain regions?

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