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SidekicAI is a Chrome extension designed to assist job seekers in applying for jobs more efficiently. Its main feature is the ability to generate cover letters quickly during the job hunting process.

Users can input their existing cover letter and a few specific skills, and SidekicAI will generate an AI-modified cover letter for each job application based on the job description.The tool aims to address the challenge of not knowing when the job search will end, offering a helping hand to find the desired job.

It constantly improves its AI capabilities and adds new features to enhance its functionality. SidekicAI is free to get started and all data is stored locally, ensuring user privacy.The developer, Zimfy, offers additional information and has disclosed privacy practices, reassuring users that their data is not sold to third parties and is only used for the core functionality of the tool.

User reviews highlight SidekicAI as a time-saving tool and praise its effectiveness in drafting cover letters, with some users reporting success in finding new job opportunities.Overall, SidekicAI provides job seekers with an assistant that streamlines the application process by generating tailored cover letters, ultimately helping them save time and increase their chances of securing a job.


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Jan 26, 2024
Absolutely useless. Asks you to add an old cover letter to use as a template and all it does is reword that same cover letter. Doesn't actually base it off of the job description that it tells you to add. Nothing from what it provided me with is useful.

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Pros and Cons


Chrome extension
Generates cover letters
Instant job application
Customised letters
Considers specific skills
Improves capabilities constantly
New features often
Privacy oriented
Ensures data security
Data not sold
Positive user reviews
Letters based on job description
Effective job search
Tailored applications
Saves time
Increase job securing chances
Free startup
All data stored locally
Reputable developer
Positive impact reported
Takes user input
Uses previous cover letter


Chrome only extension
No multi-language support
Requires internet connection
Potential privacy concerns
Limited personalization
Potential in-app purchases
No offline function
Storage size issues
Limited to job application field


What is SidekicAI?
How does SidekicAI work?
What are the key features of SidekicAI?
What is the main purpose of SidekicAI?
Where is the data stored in SidekicAI?
Is SidekicAI free to use?
How does SidekicAI ensure user privacy?
Is Sidekic data sold to third parties?
What are the user reviews about SidekicAI?
How does SidekicAI improve its AI capabilities?
What is the format of the cover letter generated by SidekicAI?
How can SidekicAI help with a job search?
What kind of job positions is SidekicAI best used for?
How does SidekicAI use job descriptions for cover letter generation?
What are the additional features of SidekicAI?
What is the size of the SidekicAI extension?
How frequently is SidekicAI updated?
How can SidekicAI help in increasing the chance of securing a job?
Who is the developer of SidekicAI?
What are the in-app purchases offered by SidekicAI?

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