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Create tailored resumes and organize your job search effortlessly.
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Huntr is an AI-powered suite of tools designed to significantly improve the job search process. Their features cover a wide range of the job application process.

The product offerings include an AI Resume Builder, which generates beautiful, tailored resumes using AI technology to help candidates stand out in a competitive job market.

They also provide a Resume Checker tool that analyzes and ensures the quality of resumes. Additionally, an AI Cover Letters tool is available for the creation of custom cover letters.

Other AI tools include a Resume Summary Generator, Resume Bullet Generator, and a Resume Skills Generator, all aimed at enhancing the presentation and content of resumes.

Beyond resume enhancement, Huntr offers a Job Tailored Resumes tool, a Resume Keyword Scanner, and a Job Keyword Finder to optimize resumes with relevant keywords.

To aid in organizing the job search, Huntr provides a Job Tracker, a Contact Tracker, an Interview Tracker, and Job Search Metrics. For efficiency, a Job Application Autofill feature is available, along with a Chrome Extension for accessibility.

All of these tools collectively aim to make the job application process quicker, more organized, and more effective.


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Pros and Cons


Resume Checker tool
Resume Summary Generator
Resume Bullet Generator
Resume Skills Generator
Job Tailored Resumes tool
Resume Keyword Scanner
Job Keyword Finder
Job Tracker
Contact Tracker
Interview Tracker
Job Search Metrics
Job Application Autofill feature
Chrome Extension for accessibility
Job Clipper & Keyword Extraction
Application auto-fill
Quality Score for resumes
Content Length Score
Browser extension
Private notes addition
Map View for companies
Job details storage
Drag-and-drop interview schedule
Target Job Titles
Designer Grade Templates
Spell-check for resumes
Free PDF Resume Export
Resume tailoring
Responsibility and Qualification Matching
Two click keyword integration
Job Match Score
Resume Skills Suggestions
Resume Achievement Generator
Resume Summary Generator
Cover Letter Generation
Job Keyword Integration
Job Responsibility + Qualification Integration
Advanced Job Match Score


Lacks mobile app
No offline mode
Complex user interface
Limited template choices
Auto-fill issues
Browser extension only for Chrome
No multi-user collaboration
Limited export formats
Not suitable for non-English speakers
Lacks integration with other job search platforms


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What does the Chrome Extension of Huntr do?
How does Huntr make the job application process more efficient?
Can Huntr help organize my job search?
How does Huntr help create tailored resumes?
How does Huntr improve the quality of resumes?

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