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AI-powered Influencer Marketing for all niches.
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Favikon is a comprehensive AI-powered influencer marketing platform designed to cover all industries and niches. It empowers businesses to discover and track influencers across eight different platforms, optimizing influencer marketing campaigns.

The major features include the 'Who's Who Extension' and 'Creator CRM' for managing relationships with influencers, and 'AI-powered Creator Discovery' for identifying potential influencers in over 600 different niches.

The 'Creator AI-powered insights' offers in-depth profiles of creators, complete with historical social media data, badges, and categorizations. 'Social Media Rankings' provide real-time insights on trending topics and popular content formats, allowing for more engaging content creation.

'Creator Trackings' enables users to stay updated on the latest content trends and posts across social media platforms. 'Industry Intelligent Reports' provide weekly strategic social media insights to help businesses understand long-term performance and plan their strategies accordingly.

The platform is suited for various use cases including B2B & B2C Influencer Marketing, Social Media Watch, Content Creation, and Employee Advocacy. Favikon integrates with an existing CRM system, enabling smooth discovery and organisation of influencers.


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Feb 15, 2024
Auto-categorization is a must, it allows me to find influencers in any niche. Tracking saves me a looot of time.

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Favikon was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 15th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Influencer marketing across all niches
Tracks influencers on eight platforms
Has 'Who's Who Extension'
Offers 'Creator CRM'
In-depth insights into influencers'
Historical social media data
Categorizations for easy discovery
Real-time Social Media Rankings
Enables engaging content creation
Creator trackings for trends
Provides Industry Intelligent Reports
Applicable to B2B & B2C
Useful for Social Media Watch
Promotes Employee Advocacy
Integrates with existing CRM
Covers all industries
Identifies influencers in 600+ niches
Week-long free trial available
Database of +10M creators
Offers hyper-targeted influencers
Creator background exploration
Access to 160,000+ rankings
Tracks industry trends
Weekly reports for strategy
Orange badge recognition feature
Supports content creation tasks
Analyze influencer relationship tracking
Identifies trending topics quickly
Tracks long-term performance
Access to past content reviews
Helps avoid wasting time scrolling
Incudes CRM for organizing influencers
Applied in diverse industries
Detailed profiles for each creator
Timely, relevant content production
User-friendly website layout
Transparent pricing options
Easy startup process
Optimizes influencer campaigns
Can identify emerging creators
Stays updated on latest trends
Collaboration opportunities identification
Offers digital badges for influencers
Provides insights for informed decision-making
Allows subscribing to monthly newsletter
Provides Chrome Extension
User testimonials available
Online presence boosting tool
Seamless navigation across social media


Limited to 8 platforms
No free version
Requires CRM integration
No multi-language support
Not ideal for individuals
Could be too complex
Possible data accuracy issue
Over-reliance on social data
Historical data limited
Possible privacy concerns


What is Favikon?
What is the 'Who's Who Extension' in Favikon?
What is 'Creator CRM' in Favikon?
How does the 'AI-powered Creator Discovery' in Favikon work?
What roles does the 'Creator AI-powered insights' play in Favikon?
What value does the 'Social Media Rankings' add to Favikon?
How does Favikon's 'Creator Trackings' work?
What information does the 'Industry Intelligent Reports' in Favikon provide?
Does Favikon support B2B and B2C influencer marketing?
Can Favikon be used for content creation?
Does Favikon support employee advocacy?
Can Favikon integrate with my existing CRM system?
What platforms does Favikon track influencers across?
How many niches can I discover influencers in using Favikon's AI?
What are Favikon's key features for analyzing social media content?
Can I discover influencers from all industries using Favikon?
How can Favikon improve my influencer marketing campaign?
Does Favikon provide any ROI metrics?
How can Favikon help me identify trending topics and popular content formats?
Does Favikon offer a free trial?

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