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Elevate your brand influence and increase customers by 10x
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Upview is an AI-powered tool designed to maximize brand outreach by streamlining the process of discovering and connecting with the right influencers. It cultivates consumer growth by fostering enduring partnerships between brands and creators.

The tool employs advanced artificial intelligence to effortlessly identify and leverage influencers who can potentially increase the strength of a brand's reach.

It manages the connection process, from reaching out to creators and handling applications for a specific campaign to providing a curated list of influencers well suited to the task.

With Upview, brands are given the chance to experiment with multiple influencers during a trial period, allowing them to explore and identify effective partnerships tailored to their needs.

Beyond the recruitment and connection phase, the tool also meticulously monitors the impact and success of the campaigns. It evaluates these aspects to ensure the campaign's optimal effectiveness, thereby providing valuable growth insights.

Whether used by emerging or established brands, Upview aims at aiding a brand's journey to the scale it dreams of achieving.


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Upview was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 21st 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Maximizes brand outreach
Streamlines influencer discovery
Fosters brand-creator partnerships
Advanced influencer identification
Handlings campaign applications
Provides curated influencer list
Influencer trial period
Monitors campaign success
Evaluates campaign effectiveness
Provides growth insights
Suitable for all brand scales
Connects brands and influencers
Increase brand reach
Experiments multiple influencer partnerships
Optimizes outreach efforts


Only for influencer marketing
Lack of customization options
No direct integration with social media
No explicit measures for click-fraud
Reliance on influencer honesty
No mobile app
Limited to certain industries
Dependent on influencer responsiveness
No multilingual support
Unclear pricing structure


What is Upview?
How does Upview use AI to enhance brand outreach?
How does Upview handle the influencer connection process?
What's the process for a specific campaign with Upview?
Can I try out multiple influencers at once with Upview?
Does Upview provide a list of influencers?
How does Upview evaluate the success of its campaigns?
Can emerging brands use Upview?
How does Upview foster brand-creator partnerships?
Can Upview help to increase customers by 10x?
What does Upview's influencer discovery process look like?
How can Upview assist with exploring effective partnerships?
How does Upview monitor the impact of the campaigns?
What growth insights does Upview provide?
What kind of influencers does Upview connect with brands?
Who are some of the featured creators on Upview?
Does Upview assist with overcoming distribution challenges?
How does Upview optimize the effectiveness and performance of campaigns?
Does Upview handle applications for campaigns?
What type of brands have used Upview?

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