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AI-powered, affordable influencer marketing.
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eezyCollab is an AI-powered influencer marketing tool designed to facilitate discovery, outreach, and collaboration with influencers to boost brand awareness.

The platform employs AI technology to match products with relevant influencers, streamlining the influencer marketing process and making it accessible to even those without marketing knowledge.

With features including bulk email campaigns and collaboration management, eezyCollab aims to save time and streamline your influencer outreach efforts.

It also offers tools for launching and scaling influencer collaborations efficiently. Another key feature of eezyCollab is its affordability. Users start with a free trial and have the opportunity to manage their relationships with influencers and negotiate pricing for campaigns.

This positions the tool as a cost-effective solution for influencer marketing. Feedback from clients indicates that it has significantly simplified the influencer outreach process, enabling them to connect with more influencers in less time and at a lower cost.


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eezyCollab was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 24th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Affordable influencer marketing
Product-influencer matching
Efficient influencer discovery
Collaboration management
Bulk email campaigns
Low-effort outreach
Free trial available
Quick campaign launch
Suitable for non-marketers
Streamlined outreach process
Pricing negotiation support
Accessible influencer marketing
Fast influencer collaboration
Cost-effective campaigns
Efficient scaling


Limited social media integration
No multi-platform campaigns
No demographical data analysis
Lacks advanced performance tracking
Bulk email approach spammy
No API for integrations
No in-built payment process
No dedicated mobile application
No real-time collaboration features
Lacks sentiment analysis tools


What is eezyCollab?
How does the AI technology in eezyCollab work?
Can eezyCollab help me find relevant influencers for my product?
How does eezyCollab streamline the influencer marketing process?
Can someone without marketing knowledge use eezyCollab effectively?
What features does eezyCollab offer for managing influencer collaborations?
Does eezyCollab offer bulk email campaign tools?
Can eezyCollab aid in launching and scaling influencer collaborations?
What is the cost of using eezyCollab?
Is there a free trial available for eezyCollab?
How can I manage my relationships with influencers through eezyCollab?
Can eezyCollab help in negotiating the pricing for campaigns?
What have been the experiences of other users with eezyCollab?
How does eezyCollab make influencer outreach more efficient and affordable?
How do I get started with eezyCollab?
What automated tools does eezyCollab offer to streamline influencer outreach?
Is eezyCollab suitable for my influencer marketing needs?
Does eezyCollab have any social media presence?
How can eezyCollab boost my brand awareness?
Can you explain the process of using eezyCollab for my influencer marketing campaigns?

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