Creation and sharing of erotic short stories.

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Pirr is an AI-powered platform for creating and sharing erotic short stories. Pirr offers users an endless world of erotic fantasies and fantasies for their own imagination.

The platform makes it easy and exciting to create stories, either alone or with others. Users can also watch other people’s fantasies and be the first to try out the platform.

The platform also provides users with information about the team behind the platform, a feedback form and support. By using the website, users agree to the use of cookies, which helps the website run effectively.

Pirr was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 13th 2023.
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Santa Claus
· Aug 17, 2023
The AI is not so great. It has difficulties to keep track of the gender of characters, so you need to constantly adjust this. It also has a habit repeating. Fe. if you have a character undress it will keep suggesting to take off clothes that have been taken off already. After a while (in my case at least) it starts to break and the bot starts to repeat itself within its suggestions (fe. "The character is undressing. The character is undressing. The character is undressing.") My suggestion is to keep prompts as simple as possible. A positive thing is that it's easy to edit suggestions, but after a while you're more editing than getting generations and you're better off writing the story yourself.
Shiraz ali
· Jul 28, 2023
Hazrat Bibi Fatima
Happy Chappy
· Jul 18, 2023
Does not do what is says. Off the bat it blocks reasonable content.
oscar Carserud
· Jun 12, 2023
There where better AI in the 1990.
· Jun 11, 2023
It’s absolutely retarded there’s no back button incase you accidentally clicked on a choice.
· Jun 5, 2023
Navigating its list of banned words is tedious if you want to give your characters any backstory at all.
Craig Learner
· Jun 5, 2023
Apparently it's an app strictly for smartphones. Not so helpful if you want to write or play from your desktop. - And seriously, while the world has gone TikTok, many prefer their laptops or other devices. Until Pirr creates something that's not not phone-based, it's intriguing - kind of - but it's not all that and a bag of chips.
Uri Merchav
· May 30, 2023
The writing is repetitive and lame. Not even close to Mytales
Jeffrey Blumenthal
· May 14, 2023
I wish the software would allow you to edit previous sections so that you can clean up inconsistencies and incorrect words thanks to autocorrect.

Pros and Cons


Endless erotic story generation
Co-creation of stories
Watch others' fantasies
Responsive support
Feedback form available
Team information available
LinkedIn and Facebook links
Erotic stories sharing
Easy story creation
Exciting platform
Exposure to new fantasies
Helps in imagination growth
Sign up option
Cookie use for efficiency
Transparent usage policy
Compatible on any device
Social media presence
Event link availability
Secured platform


No mobile app
Explicit content restrictions unclear
Doesn't support multiple languages
Limited user interactivity
Lacks editing and formatting tools
No content filtering options
No explicit privacy guarantee
Undefined content moderation standards
Overreliance on cookies
Lack of detailed about section


What is Pirr?
Who is the team behind Pirr?
How does Pirr use AI for story creation?
Can I create an erotic story alone on Pirr?
Can I watch other users' fantasies on Pirr?
How can I provide feedback to Pirr?
Does Pirr have a support team?
How do I try the Pirr app?
Is there any event related to Pirr?
What are the cookies used by Pirr for?
What type of stories can I create on Pirr?
How does Pirr make story creation easy and exciting?
How do I follow Pirr on social media?
Can I share the stories I create on Pirr?
Will my stories be private on Pirr?
Can I create stories with others on Pirr?
Is there any specific format for writing stories on Pirr?
What happens after I sign up on Pirr?
What if I have a problem while using Pirr?
Is Pirr a free tool?

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