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Boost your Performance in Video Calls through Authentic Eye Contact.
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Casablanca is an AI-based tool designed to enhance the quality of video calls by incorporating authentic eye contact. It runs on both Windows and Mac and is built to work with all video conferencing platforms.

Casablanca aims to replace the cold distance of traditional video calling with more realistic facial expressions and genuine interactions. The tool corrects your gaze so that it appears you are looking directly at your conversation partner, adding a level of realism and authenticity to digital conversations.

Notably, Casablanca adjusts the entire head, not just the eyes. This means that even if you are looking at a second screen, the software will 'frontalize' your face for an optimal alignment in the video.An important feature is the non-permanent staring.

This means that if you look away in real-life, your gaze direction in the video will change accordingly, emulating a natural conversation. Overall, Casablanca is focused on creating a real, authentic connection in video calls by mimicking the natural behavior of eye contact and facial movements.

The tool is currently in a closed beta phase, and interested users can join a waitlist for access.


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Casablanca was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 9th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Enhances video call quality
Windows and Mac compatibility
Works with all conferencing platforms
Authentic and realistic interactions
Simulates natural eye contact
Adjusts not just eyes
Features non-permanent staring
Offers waitlist for beta
Frontalizes face for alignment
Realistic facial expression mimicry
Authentic gaze direction simulation
Adds authenticity to digital communication
Natural behavior mimicry technology
Supports full-head alignment
Enhances digital conversation realism
Closed beta offers exclusivity
Real, authentic connection focus
Emulates real-life conversational interactions


Closed beta phase
Requires waitlist access
Kickstarter financing
Potential functionality limitations
Requires gaze adjustment
No mobile version
Non-permanent staring confusion
Frontalization may be unnatural
Real-time performance not specified
No information on pricing


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As a beta tester, what can I expect while using Casablanca?
How can I join the waitlist for Casablanca's closed beta phase?
Why does Casablanca focus on eye contact simulation in video calls?
What type of video call enhancement does Casablanca provide?
How does Casablanca adjust the entire head during a call?
What level of digital authenticity can I expect with Casablanca?
How does Casablanca contribute to more realistic video calls?
What is the expected date for Casablanca's commercial version launch?
How does Casablanca maintain eye contact while I look at a second screen?
How does Casablanca ensure optimal head alignment in the video?
What does it mean when Casablanca states it's using AI-enhanced communication?
How does Casablanca establish a real connection in video calls?
What distinctions does Casablanca have when compared to traditional video calling tools?

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