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Get cinema-grade results with Video AI 4.
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Topaz Labs' Video AI 5 is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software tool that harnesses the power of machine learning to enhance, upscale, and stabilize video footage.

Operating with 24 temporally-aware AI models, the software allows for comparison tools to optimize images. Video AI 5 has the ability to intelligently differentiate between noise and detail, making it an effective tool for minimizing compression artifacts and removing noise.

Notably, it features a temporally-aware facial recognition technology that allows for automatic and instantaneous correction of faces and people within the video footage.

This tool is also capable of generating new frames to enable seamless frame rate matching or slow motion without adjusting camera settings. The Video AI 5 also offers stabilization tools that can focus on the subject by reducing camera shake and blur caused by motion or slow shutter speeds.

Furthermore, it has an upscaling feature, ensuring quality is preserved when increasing resolutions, even up to 16K. Video AI 5 is built for high performance and can be used directly on a Mac or PC as a standalone or as a plugin for workflow integration.

Additionally, it comes with a user-friendly interface that offers side-by-side model comparison to fine-tune results. Lastly, this tool has crash recovery feature for continued work process following a system reboot, power loss, or crash.

Topaz Video AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 2nd 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Enhances video quality
Upscales to 16K
Deinterlaces footage
Restores old footage
Increases frame rate
Improves details in videos
GPU acceleration
Exclusively trained on video
DVD to Blu-ray conversion
Removes noise and sharpens
Uses temporal info
Offers motion interpolation
Stabilizes shaky footage
Includes comparison tools
Discerns between noise and detail
Reduces compression artifacts
Features facial recognition
Automatically corrects faces/people
Generates additional frames
Enables frame rate matching
Eases slow motion
Focus stabilization
Preserves quality when upscaling
Enables workflow integration
User-friendly side-by-side model comparison
Crash recovery feature
Recognizes people and faces
Corrects footage automatically
Smoother panning
Mac and PC compatible
Stand-alone or plugin use
Trusted by film studios and creatives
Denoise with cinema-level detail
Removes compression artifacts
Focus on Footage UI
Instant upscale to 16K
Creates new frame rates
Easy workflow integration
Fast high performance
Reduce smearing effect
Anti-shake stabilization
Preview side-by-side models
Batch process footage in sequence
Export pausing
Instant previews
High ISO setting noise removal
Seamless slow-mo


Requires high computational resources
Needs dedicated GPU for smooth operation
Potential inconsistency on integrated graphics processors
Doesn't support non-Mac/Windows OS
Export pausing not immediately available
Crash recovery not automatic
Doesn't support below 2016 CPUs
Doesn't work on older OS versions
Inadequate performance on Intel's Iris Xe and AMD's Radeon Integrated Graphics


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