Video editing 20 Oct 2022
Topaz Video AI
Improved video quality with temporal filters.

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Topaz Video AI is a powerful software suite designed to enhance the quality of videos. It combines five years of research and development to provide users with production-grade AI models for professional use cases.

The tool utilizes temporal information to naturally upscale, deinterlace, restore, and increase frame rate on videos. It also incorporates AI filters to inject real details into videos, derived from the additional information in multiple adjacent frames.

GPU acceleration ensures faster processing time and smoother results. Moreover, it is trained exclusively on video clips instead of still images, making it the best quality product on the market.

It can be used to convert DVDs to Blu-ray quality for viewing on a large-screen 4K TV, remove noise and sharpen videos, deinterlace interlaced footage, restore old footage, enhance and upscale videos to 4K/8K, and apply AI models to enhance graphics.

Topaz Video AI also offers motion interpolation for 60 FPS conversion or cinematic slow-mo, and AI-powered shake stabilization for smoother panning and reducing camera shake.

Topaz Video AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 2nd 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Temporal filters for video enhancement
Professional use cases focused
Upscale, deinterlace, restore features
Increase frame rate ability
Trained on video clips
DVDs to Blu-ray conversion
Noise removal in videos
Videos sharpening feature
Deinterlace interlaced footage feature
Old footage restoration capability
4K/8K video upscaling ability
60 FPS conversion via motion interpolation
Cinematic slow-mo
GPU acceleration for fast processing
Fewer motion artifact
Recover video details from multiple frames
Enhances true video quality
CG or cartoons upscaling
Produces new frames for conversion or slow-mo
Smoother panning from multiple frames details
Camera shake reduction
Cost-effective local video processing
Integrated in existing workflow
Suitable for production workflows
No remote servers required
Edit footage directly in software
Quick preview ability
Compatible with existing hardware
Available on Mac and Windows
24 to 60 FPS conversion
Increased video smoothness up to 120 FPS
Reduced motion artifacts during upscaling
Ability to restore low-quality/noisy videos
Removes technical distractions in film
High-quality upscaling with Gaia + Artemis HQ
Noise and sharpening with Proteus + Artemis LQ
Pristine deinterlacing with Dione TV or DV


Requires powerful GPU
Stabilization model in early stages
No web-based version
Closed source
Strictly local processing
Complex for beginners
Not optimal for low-quality inputs
No multi-platform support
No output without watermark


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How user-friendly is the interface of Topaz Video AI?
What are the system requirements for using Topaz Video AI?

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