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Krisp, cancelling noise and assisting meetings with AI.
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Krisp is an intelligent application designed to improve the efficiency and clarity of online meetings and calls. Primarily, it utilizes AI for noise cancellation, effectively eliminating background noises, voices, and echoes during online interactions.

This feature ensures clear and high-quality communication in various settings, from individual conversations to team meetings and call centers. Besides noise cancellation, Krisp also offers real-time meeting transcriptions, which improves accessibility and helps in maintaining records.

In addition, it possesses the capability to generate concise meeting notes and summaries, effectively serving as an AI meeting assistant. Another notable feature is Krisp's meeting recording functionality, which automatically records virtual meetings across all communication apps.

Specifically for call center environments, Krisp provides an AI Accent Localization feature that converts the accents of agents in real-time to match the native accent of customers for clearer communication.

It also securely transcribes agent and customer conversations in real-time. The application's services can be integrated into various products using the provided SDK for developers.

As a multi-functional AI tool, Krisp caters to a broad range of users including individuals, freelancers, hybrid work teams, sales teams, professional services, and call centers.

Krisp was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 18th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Background noise cancellation
Echo removal
Works on Mac and Windows
Single click functionalities
No audio data collection
Secure data transmission
Background voice cancellation
Meeting insights and summaries
Realtime meeting transcriptions
Automatic meeting recordings
On-device call center transcriptions
Available SDK for integration
App: universal compatibility
Unlimited transcriptions
Non-intrusive, bot-free experience
Automatic meeting notes generation
Automatic action items generation
Secure cloud-based meeting recordings
Real-time on-device call transcription
UCaaS and CCaaS platform compatibility
Supports 17+ accent dialects
Multiple male and female voice outputs
Seamless app setup
Automated meeting productivity features
Works with any conferencing app
Works with all call center platforms
Works with any headphone and device


No mobile app support
Inefficient with loud noises
Voice alteration with accents
Limited voice dialects support
Usability depends on conferencing app
Requires download and install
Selective in-device encryption
Dependent on hardware quality
Delayed transcription in meetings
Manual configuration in settings


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How does Krisp improve the efficiency and clarity of online communication?
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