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Image background removal without subscriptions.
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Pixian.AI provides an advanced and accessible solution for image background removal. The tool processes images by leveraging powerful server GPUs and multi-core CPUs for analysis and subsequent background elimination.

The tool's quality has been compared with well-known competing services, based on a range of user-provided images and use cases. The tool outperforms in areas such as Objective backgrounds and Artwork scans or logos, matching performance in scenarios with studio shoots.

Language support expands to German, Spanish, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese alongside English.

Pixian.AI allows its users to customize file format, JPEG quality, crop margin, result size, among other settings, to cater to their specific requirements.

The service offers downloadable results and the result preview can be inspected before finalizing the download. Integration with other services such as Vectorizer.AI,, and others provide added flexibility for the users.

Pixian.AI also offers API access for businesses wishing to incorporate its features into their workflows.


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Pros and Cons


Free to use
No sign up required
Supports 8 megapixels
HD resolution downloads
API access
Integration with other services
Multilingual support
Customizable output settings
Preview before download
Broad language support
Quality comparable with competitors
Supports Studio Shoots
Customizable output file format
Adjustable JPEG quality
Adjustable result size
Adjustable crop margin
Great performance on artwork scans
Great performance on logos
Great performance other background objects
Benefits from powerful server GPUs
Benefits from multi-core CPUs
Result inspection before finalizing
Quality comparisons available
API for business integration
Transparent output background
White output background
Black output background
Supports PNG output
Supports JPEG output
Vertical alignment customization
Filename suffix customization
Integration with
Integration with
Inspect on
Accessible solution for background removal
Optimized for quality and efficiency
Performance measured on user-provided images
Supports preserving hair and fur


Limited to 8 megapixels
API not yet available
Limited file format customization
Errors with persistent network problems
Data retained for 24 hours
Limited customization of crop margins
Specific vertical alignment options
Limited result size options
Requires specific multi-core CPUs


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