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Remove background from image 100% automatically.
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Clipping Magic is an AI-powered tool specifically designed to remove background from images with precision. The core functions of this tool include the automatic removal of image backgrounds, color correction, image cropping and rotation, and the option to add shadows and reflections.

The remarkable feature of this tool is its 'Smart Clip Editor', which offers users the ability to manually refine the results of the automatic process.

The tool is equipped with a range of capabilities such as handling low-contrast edges with the help of the 'Scalpel Tool' and efficiently dealing with hair detail in images.

It has been trained on a large volume of real-world images, enabling it to handle a wide variety of image categories and continuously learn from each image it processes.

Furthermore, Clipping Magic enables bulk background removal for large catalogs of product photos. The tool ensures uniform, professional shots in every edit by providing default settings for consistent color correction and cropping.

It is designed to serve a variety of users, especially eCommerce businesses, by producing stunning product photos that can enhance conversion rates. Users can access the tool in various languages.


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Clipping Magic was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 2nd 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Precision background removal
Features Smart Clip Editor
Offers Scalpel Tool
Efficient hair detail handling
Trained on real-world images
Handles wide image categories
Bulk background removal
Uniform, professional shots
Consistent color correction
Consistent image cropping
Designed for eCommerce
Supports various languages
Option to add shadows
Option to add reflections
Automatic process refinement
Handles low-contrast edges
Continual learning capability
Suitable for large catalogs
eCommerce conversion rate enhancement
Enhanced image rotation


No offline usage
Limited to 25 megapixels
Only supports JPEG, PNG, BMP, and GIF
CMYK colors can lead to wrong editing colors
Maximum file size is 30 megabytes
Zero error tolerance; no undo/redo function
Doesn't support all possible image formats
Limited color space support (only sRGB)
Doesn't support older browsers
No mobile platform support


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