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Free image background remover.
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RemoveBG is an AI-powered tool that enables users to remove image backgrounds free of charge. With RemoveBG, users have the convenience of separating an image from its background in just a few seconds.

The tool boasts of advanced AI technology that has been trained to analyze images with a high level of precision. Removing backgrounds is as easy as uploading an image, selecting it in the tool and then removing its background.

The resulting image can be downloaded and used in various creative projects, marketing materials, or personal use. RemoveBG's main strength lies in its AI technology that delivers excellent image editing results with minimal user input.

The tool is optimized for simplicity, requiring users to take only three steps to edit their images. RemoveBG is a great tool for professionals who use images for marketing purposes, such as social media managers, graphic designers, and eCommerce store owners.

It is also ideal for personal use, including photographers and hobbyists. RemoveBG was created by Hassan Djirdeh and built with Replicate and Next.js.

It is available for use through the official website, where users can upload and edit their images without any cost attached.


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Feb 20, 2024
comes up with an error when uploading saying not enough storage on the free account and to upgrade ect, was a simple regular jpeg and my first image i tried.

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Pros and Cons


Free of charge
High precision detailing
Quick background removal
Minimal user input required
Optimized for simplicity
Ideal for professionals
Convenient for personal use
Excellent image editing
Three-step process
Available through official website
No signup necessary
Downloadable results
Usable for creative projects
Effective for marketing materials
Created by reputable developer
Built with cutting edge technologies


Not open-source
No mobile app
Feature limited to background removal
No batch processing
Personal use only
Lack of advanced editing tools
No customer support
Lack of training tutorials
Limited file formats supported


What is RemoveBG?
How does RemoveBG work?
Who created RemoveBG?
What technology is RemoveBG built with?
How does the AI technology used in RemoveBG ensure high precision?
What are the steps to use RemoveBG?
Is RemoveBG really free?
Can I use RemoveBG for commercial purposes?
Do I need to sign up to use RemoveBG?
How fast is the background removing process with RemoveBG?
What can I do with the images after removing the background with RemoveBG?
Can I use RemoveBG for multiple images at once?
Will my uploaded images to RemoveBG stay private?
What types of images can I use with RemoveBG?
Is there a limit to the number of images I can process with RemoveBG?
What is the ideal user base for RemoveBG?
What quality of images can RemoveBG handle?
How can I contact the creator of RemoveBG?
Where can RemoveBG be used?
Is RemoveBG compatible with all web browsers?


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