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Single-click background removal for images.
Generated by ChatGPT is a free background image remover tool which allows users to easily remove the background from any image of humans, animals or objects and download the edited images in high resolution.

The background removal is done with the help of AI and can be done with a single click. also provides mobile applications for both Android and iOS devices which provide the same background removal capability.

Additionally, the tool also offers a range of features for individual users, professional photographers, developers, e-commerce businesses and enterprise customers.

With, users can create custom WhatsApp display pictures with gradients and patterns, quickly remove background from logos and signatures for online documents, and process thousands of high quality images quickly with bulk image support.

The blog section offers helpful articles which provide tips on how to make the most out of the tool and help users create stunning content for their social media and websites.


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Pros and Cons


Single-click background removal
High resolution output
Free tool
Removes human, animal, object backgrounds
Mobile applications for Android and iOS
Customized output for WhatsApp display pictures
Background removal for logos and signatures
Supports bulk image processing
Helpful blog section
Supports e-commerce businesses
Supports enterprise business needs
Removes background from different formats (png/jpeg/jpg/webp)
Creates social media content
Profile picture editing
eSignature editing
API for developer integration
Quick and efficient output
User-friendly interface
Automated precision for removal
Customization options for creative output
Product images ready for e-commerce
Bulk image support for enterprise
No ads
Professional photo editor replacement
Image size compression with intelligent technique
Watermark removal tool available
Image upscaling tool available
Supports various subscription plans
Real-time image transformations
Automatic optimization of images
Image urls and storage
Supports 4k photo editing
1080p image background removal
User community support
Removes background of high resolution photos for free
Download high-resolution images without background for free
Drag and drop feature


Limited to defined foreground topics
Max resolution 5000x5000 px
Max file size 25MB
API integration available later
Bulk processing needs subscription
No touch-up tools provided


What is the highest resolution supports?
Can remove the background of images with animals or objects?
Is completely free to use?
How long does it usually take for to remove an image background?
Is suitable for professional photographers and agencies?
Can I use to process background removal in bulk?
Does have a mobile application?
How do I use to create a custom WhatsApp display picture?
Can help me with removing backgrounds from logos or signatures?
Does provide tutorials or tips through their blog?
What are the available features of for e-commerce businesses?
What output formats does support?
Can I remove backgrounds from my PDF file using
Does have an API for developers to integrate?
How accurate is the AI of in removing backgrounds?
How can I use to enhance my social media content?
Does offer any discounts or sales?
What other products does offer?
Why is considered an AI tool?
How can I reach out to customer service for help or inquiries?


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