Profile pictures 23 Nov 2020
Online profile picture creation with background removal.

Generated by ChatGPT

PFPMaker is a free online tool that enables users to create the perfect profile picture for their social media profiles and instantly increase their likes and interactions.

The AI PFP Maker uses artificial intelligence to automatically remove backgrounds from any photo, allowing users to customize their profile picture with a range of professionally generated options.

It also creates a matching background cover for the profile picture. The tool is suitable for use on social media, messengers, email signatures, and dating apps.The process is simple: users upload a photo of themselves or a custom image, and the AI PFP Maker removes the background automatically.

Users can then review and customize dozens of professionally generated profile pics, editing colors, shadows and other settings. Studies show that profiles with a profile picture receive 14 times more views than those without, and are 36 times more likely to receive messages.

The AI PFP Maker supports JPG/PNG images up to 5mb and is constantly evolving to provide more precise background removal and better processing results.

Pfpmaker was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 18th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Free online tool
Automatically remove photo backgrounds
Generates cover background
Flexible customization options
Dedicated for social media
Email signatures, dating apps usage
Supports JPG/PNG up to 5MB
Evolving precision capabilities
Professionally generated photo options
Automatic background removal
Edits colors and shadows
Supports high-interaction profile pictures
Increases profile views
Supports custom image uploads
Generates multiple profile picture designs
Compatible with all social networks
Assists in getting more messages
Auto resize and adjust images
Automatic headshot detection
Quality and contrast enhancement
Works with full headshot photos
Creates matching background cover
In-built editing tools
3.5M+ users worldwide
30M+ profile pic downloads
180M+ profile pics generated
Background remover enhancement


Supports only JPG/PNG formats
Max image size 5MB
No mobile app available
24 hours photo retention
No manual background removal
Limited editing tools
No real-time background removal
No professional photo adjustment
No multi-photo upload capability
Lack of offline usage


What is PFPMaker?
How does PFPMaker work?
How will PFPMaker improve my social media presence?
Does PFPMaker support JPG and PNG images?
What size photo can I upload to PFPMaker?
Does PFPMaker automatically remove backgrounds from photos?
What additional editing options does PFPMaker offer?
Where can I use the profile pictures created with PFPMaker?
Does PFPMaker create a matching background cover for the profile picture?
Does PFPMaker create professionally made profile pictures?
Will my photo be deleted after being processed by PFPMaker?
What kind of photos provide the best results on PFPMaker?
Can I use the profile pictures generated by PFPMaker for activities not listed on the website?
Will PFPMaker be available as a mobile app in the future?
Does PFPMaker show me a preview of the profile pictures it generates?
Does PFPMaker provide stats on how having a profile picture can improve my social media interactions?
How much does using PFPMaker cost?
How many users worldwide use PFPMaker?
What does PFP stand for in PFPMaker?
Does PFPMaker have an API for business use?

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