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Automated background removal for image applications.
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Clickmajic's Image Background Remover is a tool that automatically removes the background from images. Users can upload their images or drag and drop them onto the platform, and the tool will then process the images using the latest AI technology to deliver high-quality results.

No software downloads or technical skills are required to use this tool.The Image Background Remover is versatile and can be used on various types of images, such as cars, people, and products.

It is capable of detecting subjects in photos automatically and produces clean and smooth cutout edges, even when dealing with hair or fur edges. Users can expect quick and efficient processing, with the ability to remove backgrounds from over 1,000 images in a single upload.The tool also offers features to customize the background, allowing users to choose between a transparent background, a new background, a removed background, a customized design, or a solid background.

This flexibility makes it suitable for a range of applications, from creating stunning graphics and visual presentations to preparing product photos for online stores.Clickmajic's Image Background Remover is accessible through their website and can be used for free, with an option to upgrade for additional features.

Additionally, an API is available for users who need to process large volumes of images, and plugins are offered for integration with various design tools, programs, apps, and eCommerce platforms.


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Pros and Cons


Drag and drop interface
Processes images efficiently
Supports over 1,000 images in single upload
Customize background type: transparent, new, removed, design, solid
No technical skill requirement
API available
Plugins for various design tools
Free plan available
Ideal for ecommerce product photos
Produces smooth cutout edges
Handles complex hair or fur edges
Easy integration into existing projects
Advanced text and effects addition
Pre-setting options for various markets
Bulk upload available
Neighbouring pixel analysis
Preserves semi-transparent elements
Advanced neural network algorithms
Manual tool for detailed background removal
Cost-effective solution
Handles transparent objects correctly
Real time editing after background removal
Transparent, white, or customized backgrounds
Handles different image formats
Fit for both beginners and professionals
Creates product photos for online stores


Limited image formats support
Max file size 16MB
Files discarded after 30 minutes
Prices vary per image
Manual background removal needed sometimes
No JPEG transparency support
No native app provided


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How does the free version of Clickmajic differ from the paid version?
Does Clickmajic have an API option for background removal?
Can Clickmajic integrate with other design tools or eCommerce platforms?
What is the maximum allowed file size for images uploaded to Clickmajic?
Do images need to be in a specific format for Clickmajic's Image Background Remover?
How long does Clickmajic store the processed images?
What is the cost structure for using Clickmajic's Image Background Remover?
How does the Clickmajic Image Background Remover handle semi-transparent objects like hair?
Do I have an option to manually remove the background using Clickmajic?
Does Clickmajic offer bulk upload option for background removal?
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Can Clickmajic's AI tool be used for basic photo editing apart from background removal?
Can Clickmajic help in creating images with a white background for eCommerce?
How can Clickmajic switch between different backgrounds for images with transparent objects?


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