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Convert and summarize Twitter Space chats using AI.
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XspaceGPT operates as a versatile tool designed to convert X(Twitter) Space conversations into easily readable and searchable text using AI technology.

Beyond simple transcription, it also provides automated summarization, capturing the essence of discussions allowing users to better grasp the main points of the conversation.

This platform caters to users who want to preserve records of X(Twitter) Space conversations or need to analyze a substantial amount of dialogue, assisting them to understand and exploit these crucial information sources.

Feature-wise, it includes AI-driven audio to text conversion, implementation of multilingual support, and online audio streaming. It also provides a suite of summary-related features like AI-abstract, AI highlights, and AI timeline, that showcase key content vividly, users to quickly access required content, and grasp summary information with ease.

Speaker-specific summaries and content outlines are also part of the offering. Notably, the tool supports various levels of utilization, including a free tier, and offers features such as a mind map and premium content library for paid tiers.

Use of the platform requires an internet connection.


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XspaceGPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 28th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Transcribes Twitter Space conversations
Provides automated summarization
Implement multilingual support
Online audio streaming
Speaker-specific summaries
Content outlines
Supports various utilization levels
Free tier available
Mind map for paid tiers
Premium content library for paid tiers
Audio to text conversion
Plays Online
Highlights and Timelines
Easy to understand summaries
Displaying key content vividly
Fast content access
Introduction to content outline
Summarize speaker highlights
Capture key content concisely
Download Twitter Spaces to MP3
Supports Transcription Languages
Save to Notion Coming Soon
Upload Audio Files option Coming Soon


Requires internet connection
Limited free tier
Paid tiers for additional features
No offline usage
Dependent on Twitter Spaces
Limited monthly spaces for premium and pro users
Upcoming features not yet available
No support for other social media platforms


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