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CalesitAI is an AI-based content creation tool for modern marketing teams. It allows users to describe their businesses and generates content ideas that can be turned into a variety of outputs like Social Media Posts, Ad Copy, Cold Emails, etc., all in the user's unique brand voice.

CalesitAI also automates many auxiliary tasks to make the content creation process smoother. For example, it helps to generate ready-to-use designs that can be modified according to the user's preference.

It offers auto-resizing for various formats and supports the exportation of the content to different formats as per user needs. Catering to multi-project creators, CalesitAI also has a functionality for managing several ideas at once.

The AI tool also allows users to customize the tone and style of communication to match their brand persona. Additionally, CalesitAI provides guides on how to post carousels to LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok making the tool more versatile and user-friendly.


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Apr 20, 2024
I’ve tried dozens of AI since mid last year and your product creates content that is far superior than any of the others I have tried. It’s great. My 2 new clients I’ve just on boarded with be getting it. It’s perfect for tradespeople, or busy professionals who don’t really do web tech but need to produce content to keep their brand moving to eyes.

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Pros and Cons


Generates unique brand voice content
Creates versatile content outputs
Automates auxiliary tasks
Generates ready-to-use designs
Offers auto-resizing of formats
Exports to different formats
Supports multi-project creators
Offers custom tone and style
Guides for posting on socials
Fast content creation
No need for design skills
Supports various aspect ratios
Guides to upload carousels
Free startup option
Supports marketing automation
Provides ad copywriting
Automates content resizing
Handles multi-project management
Automates design process


Limited to content creation
No collaboration features
Lacks advanced analytics
Not integrated with CMS
Doesn't support real-time editing
No multilingual support
Limited export options
No API for customizations
No offline functionality
Unclear pricing structure


What is CalesitAI?
How does CalesitAI generate content ideas based on my business description?
Can I change the brand voice in CalesitAI?
Does CalesitAI assist with design tasks in my content creation process?
What formats does CalesitAI support for content exportation?
How can multi-project creators use CalesitAI?
How can I customize the tone and style of communication in CalesitAI?
Does CalesitAI provide user guides for posting carousels on social media platforms?
What kind of social media posts can be created using CalesitAI?
Can I modify the ready-to-use designs in CalesitAI?
Can I manage several projects at once with CalesitAI?
Does CalesitAI provide auto-resizing of content?
How does CalesitAI help to make the content creation process smoother?
How does the AI generate content in my unique brand voice?
Can CalesitAI create ad copies for my business?
How do I export content in different formats using CalesitAI?
Can I change the tone and style of communication in CalesitAI to match my brand persona?
What type of content does CalesitAI help to create?
Can CalesitAI generate cold emails for my business?
How does CalesitAI work with modern marketing teams?

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